Sam Brittain: Signal Lights

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Sam Brittain: Signal Lights

If there’s something that clears of Sam Brittain’s release, is its seamless nature, weaving from the intro to ‘Underground’ and right throughout the remaining 13 tracks effortlessly. In part it’s credit to Brittain’s honey-toned voice and secondly due to the clever layering and arrangement of the keys, guitar and drums. Each song is textured and much more complex than it may seem at first listen.

Listening to Signal Lights and there’s something infinitely Australian about each track. One of Brittain’s greatest talents is his ability to tell a story, and perhaps the greatest one is of a man in a bar n ‘Slainte’. It tells the story of, what we assume, is an Irish man drinking a Guinness alone and telling the story of how he came to Australia. It’s that’s been told before but regardless one that makes you listen, and as a result paired with the gentle guitar strumming becomes a highlight on the release.

This one’s for those of you who like having a release with substance, a bit of country/folk twang and to feel as if you’ve grown as a person simply from pressing play.

Out independently
Reviewed by Valerie Vatoosh