Sal Kimber and the Rollin’ Wheel: Southern Light

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Sal Kimber and the Rollin’ Wheel: Southern Light

If Australia ever closed its borders to major players from the folk/roots Americana fraternity, we’d get by with the local talent on offer. Sal Kimber’s third album Southern Light radiates a softly polished mastery of alt-country. With her long-time band the Rollin’ Wheel and producer/guitarist Shane O’Mara, Kimber presents a collection of timeless treasures made in Melbourne.


‘Stumble In The Dark’ was co-written with Kimber’s sister Beth (Buffy) who’s haunting piano adorns the opening track. Drummer Cat Leahy nails the rhythmic foundation with Riche Rose, the group’s newest member, on bass. Atmospheric elements are layered with contributions from guests including Rebecca Barnard and Chris Parkinson (The Yearlings). Ben Franz (The Waifs) evokes the landscape of ‘Burrawang’ country with his slide guitar. ‘I like the way you held your guitar and I liked your accent’, Kimber confesses on ‘Cool Breeze’ – a track as delicious as it sounds. Imagine a chilled Stevie Nicks singing a Christine McVie composition. Kimber’s vocals are rich in range, sultry and nuanced yet she somehow keeps them pleasantly understated. The songs roll with the same balance of surety and restraint. ‘Stumble’ and ‘Hell and Highwater’ were chosen for release as singles but several others easily qualify.

Out via Vitamin Records

Written by Chris Lambie