Saint Henry Locks in Regional Shows

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Saint Henry Locks in Regional Shows

I think it is safe to say that whenever one approaches a gig, they are hoping to have their minds blown and organs burst. According to the man on the street, one can expect just that with Saint Henry.

Two is more than enough for this down’n’dirty, post­ punk, garage­ grunge outfit. Hayden Manassa and David Lo are their names and they caused a mini storm with their first single ‘Lunatic Asylum’.

With its “driving catchy chorus propelled by brutal crunching guitar riffs and dynamic drums”, they’ll more than likely cause a similar storm with their newie, ‘Silverback’. The band has just kicked off their first national tour in support of the single.

The Barwon Club, Geelong – May 13 & The Eastern, Ballarat – June 12.