Sahara Beck: Panacea

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Sahara Beck: Panacea

Sahara Beck is living proof that age is merely a number. With her soft, yet strong voice, and exceptional song writing skills you would never have guessed this girl only has 19 years on her back. Her newest album, Panacea, is a genuinely open and original piece of work – obviously inspired from old school artists but at the same time with a contemporary and relevant sound. Her confident voice pulls off all different kinds of genres in this album. With everything from softer ballads like ‘Everyone Wants Noise’ and ‘Don’t Hold Your Breath’ to more edgy and artistic tracks like personal favourite ‘I’m In Love’ and her single ‘Here it Comes’, she really is showing off her versatility.

At times it can be a bit all over the place but the songs are strong individually. She is really experimenting with her voice, showing a passion that is rare to find these days. Listening to it is like going through an emotional roller­coaster, not only because it has something to suit any mood, but also because the lyrics are very personal. This girl is really ‘wearing her heart on her sleeve’, so if you haven’t yet, go and check her new music out!

SUGARRUSH Music/ & Create/Control Records
Reviewed by Nilo Danai