SacredEdge Listening to Voices from the Edge

SacredEdge Listening to Voices from the Edge

SacredEdge is a festival that brings locals together and listens to voices from the edge through stories, songs and art – Indigenous, Refugees, Asylum Seekers – with sustainability and mental health themes as well. Back for its fourth year, the festival will be kicking off on Friday May 5 right through to Sunday May 7 and there will be loads of entertainment, displays of art, and opportunities to experience diversity.

SacredEdge coordinator Kerrie Lingham will be bringing Indigenous, Refugee and LGBTIQ individuals together as a community, and giving the public the opportunity to hear their stories in all their glorious diversity. “In a world where fear of the other is common and even encouraged, this community festival offers a different narrative, as we listen to voices from the edge,” Lingham says.

There will be plenty to see and do, with over thirty performers and presenters, and a whole lot of action. SacredEdge is a safe place for people to experience a diverse community, and take part in discussions about culture and gender with people who have a real connection.

With an array of things to see, there are four key presenters that should not be missed over the weekend. Julie McCrossin is a comedian, journalist and LGBTI advocate who will be marching as a part of the Mardi Gras community, as well as Richard Frankland, a Gunditjmara man who will be featured as an Indigenous Australian artist and singer/songwriter. Other presenters include well-respected representative of Australia’s Islamic community Nur Warsame who is now openly gay, and will be represented in the festival, and Bruce Pascoe, Indigenous writer of Dark Emu Black Seeds, a book recently released in Australia – among a long list of artists, presenters and musicians.

The festival experience is designed to make you laugh, cry and feel inspired, so go along and get involved.

When & Where: Queenscliff Uniting Church – May 5 – 7

For more information tickets, presenters and performers visit or Sacrededgefestival Facebook Page.

Written by Lucy Rollason