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These South West Victorian cool kids have adopted their own personal version of funk infused rock-rap in their Y.E.T.I album. The album embraces some surprisingly real and edgy lyrics, which are oddly relatable to the typical thoughts and feelings experienced, particularly by young people today.

The album addresses issues such as depression, the hidden agenda of radio companies today and having a love that doesn’t quite love you back. Yet among the desolate lyrics comes an almost comforting guitar, bass and drum backdrop, which bring to the lyrics a new sense of life and a catchy beat that accompanies the lyrics perfectly.

Listening to the albums namesake, Y.E.T.I is definitely a highlight on the album release. The depth of the lyrics converse with the cruisey vibe of the music and are able to build up on significant lyrics within the song, all of which tells a depressingly sad story.

The Y.E.T.I album appeals to no specific audience, as the emotional voice of lead singer, Jacob Pugh, is enough to capture the attention of anyone.

Whether you are feeling like something heavy to sing along to, or something a little more heartfelt and slow, RUNK’s ‘Y.ET.I’ album is the one for you!

Reviewed by Ruby Cairns