RÜFÜS: Bloom

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RÜFÜS: Bloom

Straight off the festival circuit from Falls Festival, dance trio RÜFÜS have returned with their sophomore album Bloom – a follow up to chart topping debut Atlas. Including the ARIA award winning ‘You Were Right’, anticipation has been flying for an album that will continue to solidify RÜFÜS’ place in dance music culture. The fact is, you were right.

Bloom’ delivers an excellent balance between the familiar sounds of RÜFÜS the Australian music scene has come to love, while also making the effort to experiment with new sounds to continue developing their own work. Opening track ‘Brighter’ begins with the familiar sound of mesmerising harmonies, which prove the trio has not strayed from their original sound. Singles such as ‘Like An Animal’ and ‘Innerbloom’ have already gained significant popularity, and are definitely an excellent example of the electronic atmosphere RÜFÜS aim to provide as musicians.

Although most tracks on the LP hold a recognisable sound, tracks like ‘Say A Prayer For Me’ feature are more experimental and prove RÜFÜS is ready to continue to draw out their new, distinct sound. ‘Bloom’ is a release that proves the group knows the sound they want to give to the world but still aren’t afraid to experiment with it. Be ready to have this album stick around, as it’s going to be spinning for a long time ahead.

Out via Sony Music Australia
Reviewed by Meg Kennedy