Rudimental are toasting to our differences

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Rudimental are toasting to our differences

Speaking from dreary London – well, not really speaking – it’s early in the West London town of Hackney and at this hour, Piers Aggett is a man of few words – a good thing the music of his group, Rudimental, speaks volumes, then.
The member of the English drum ‘n’ bass crew warms up a degree or two when he’s prompted to talk about Rudimental’s upcoming Australian tour. Returning in February for a national tour as part of their Toast To Our Differences world tour, a celebration for the release of the brand new third studio album of the same name, set to drop in January.
In a way, it’s almost like Rudimental coming back to where it all began – 2013 was the Aussie revelation for them, when they were received after only a year since their formation – we are on of their biggest performance markets, for sure. And what amazing things have happened for them since then – millions of single sales, 22 million monthly listeners on Spotify, and more. “It’s been a rollercoaster ride,” Aggett says groggily. “Since 2013, our single ‘For The Love’ kinda opened up the doorways internationally.
“Australia will always be a second home to us. You’ve welcomed us with open arms, you’ve been really receptive to our music, and for some reason it’s just clicked over there.
“When we get the opportunity to come over to Australia, we jump at the chance because we love it there, we love our fans out there.”

Sweet, ain’t he? But it’s not just Australia, Rudimental’s global reach and popularity is insane. Take a look at the figures for their single ‘These Days’, released back in January. In just a few months since the video was posted to YouTube it has racked up over a quarter of a billion views. Yes, billion. Single ‘Let Me Live’ had, at the time of this interview, over 13 and a half million views – staggering, and it’s safe to say The Beatles didn’t even have this kind of success. “I wouldn’t go that far to say that,” Aggett says bashfully.
But the cool calm vocals and the rampant rhythms of the group have a particular undertow, one that millions seem to put their finger on, and those millions seem to love. Rudimental have a special spirit of unity about them other bands can’t boast. “I guess it’s just a vibe people like,” says Aggett. “We’re gonna party, we’re gonna celebrate, and yeah, I guess there’s something we’ve done people are liking, y’know? Yeah, can’t wait!”
When & Where: Margaret Court Arena, Melbourne – February 8. Tickets available from
Written by Anna Rose