Rory Ellis: Inner Outlaw

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Rory Ellis: Inner Outlaw

Rory Ellis is a name well known in the country blues area. He’s played here for many a year, even if he’s gigging around Budgewoi at this time.

Inner Outlaw is his latest release, and it has all that we have come to expect from him as a singer/songwriter. Central to each track is a story, all worth listening to, all well-crafted, but there are some which stand out above the others.

The Station is one which I particularly like, but the track which is getting all the comments is The Letter.

Songwriters are often described as being able to make a song out of anything, but here Rory was given a story that is absolute gold. An amazing story and he has a direct link to the subject.
His grandfather served in WWI, and was on that sea of blood and mud that they called the Somme. That experience made many anti-war. Rory’s grandfather and his mate poured out their bitterness in a letter and sealed it in a bottle where they were working on the Church St Bridge where it was discovered in 2017.

Seventy years later his grandson immortalised that story.

Now it’s up to you. Get this CD and listen to it.

Reviewed by John “Dr John” Lamp