Rollin' With the Good Times

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Rollin' With the Good Times

Did you know that American singer-songwriter JD McPherson is heading to Theatre Royal, Castlemaine on February 20, 2016? We know it’s a while off, but four out of five dentists suggest that people like plenty of time to make decisions.
With a retro sound entrenched in the goodness of rock and roll, rhythm and blues and rockabilly of the 1950s, McPherson’s childhood musical experiences were a combination of his old man’s influence (Delta blues and jazz) and the discovery of Hendrix, Zeppelin and punk rock. However, it was a box set of Buddy Holly that changed things.
Later, while studying visual arts, McPherson – who worked as a middle school teacher from 2008 to 2011 before being given the flick – sent a Myspace friend request (remember those days?) to bassist and producer Jimmy Sutton and asked if he would listen to some demos. Sutton liked what he heard and soon enough, with the added skills of all-round guy Alex Hall, sweet music was being made. The first release came with 2012’s Signs and Signifiers, followed this year by Let the Good Times Roll. Because we’re a sucker for a sweet story, the film clip to the title track features a married couple that McPherson met while on tour.