Roll up! Roll Up!

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Roll up! Roll Up!

Silvers is a name synonymous with Circus’ and it was with excitement that my 4-year-old, Zoe (and Mum, Dad and Bubs) journeyed to Waurn Ponds to got to the Big Top.

It seems Dinosaurs are everywhere at the moment, and Silvers are all over it with a Dinosaur exhibition welcoming us on entry, which delighted Zoe, sparked up my one year olds (Oskar) interest and got things off to a great start before keeping the blinkers on through the food and game section and taking our seats.

I won’t give too much away, but you’ll get the usual juggling, clowns, acrobats and the like; but when the dogs came out, the young, the old an the in between all lit up! Most of the performing dogs are rescue dogs, trained by the Jratlou Family, and all look like they enjoyed performing as much as we enjoyed watching them! Laughs aplenty, and the poodle in the dress was a classic!!

The Wheel of Steel was probably my favourite part of the show, and needs to be seen to be believed and the Grand Finale, “The Globe of Death” fortunately provided no death, but did provide some death defying motorbike riding/entertainment. You think one bike riding around the cage is crazy enough? Wait until they add more riders to the Globe!!

Whether 1 or 101, Silvers provide entertainment for all, and you still have time to see the show as they are performing in Geelong for a couple more weeks before they continue performing in Forte land with a run of shows in Ballarat in May.

Reviewed by Glenn Lynch