Roll up, roll up, Silvers Circus is back in town

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Roll up, roll up, Silvers Circus is back in town

Prepare to ooh and ahh, laugh, cheer, clap and be ‘wowed’ when Silvers Circus heads to Geelong at the end of the month, bringing magic and fun right to our doorstep.
Established in 1976, Silvers Circus has become a household name. After almost 40 years of providing jaw dropping entertainment for the whole family, Silvers Circus has become one of the top 10 circuses of the world, while maintaining all the sparkle, glamour and death defying acts
we’ve come to expect of the premier circus.
This action packed two hour show is held in a big top with both cooling and heating, led by the star of the show, the Ringmaster and Master of Illusion, Simon Tait. If you’re thinking about attending the
show you can expect to see the following line up of acts:
Wheel Of Steel: Dominik Gasser and Merwyn Garcia run, jump, skip and flip through their routine of sheer physicality. The wheel they challenge defies description, as its wheels obsolete
and revolves from group level to dizzying heights, creating a spectacle that will leave viewers on the edge of their seats. We’re already excited about this one!
The Globe of Death: World-famous Phoenix Riders speed around on motor bikes inside a 3-1/2 meter diameter metal globe, only just missing each other by millimeters. This one truly tests the laws of physics and the outer limits of bikes and bodies, and will leave you holding your breath.
Hoola Hoops: Here we are blessed with the talented stylings of Gypsy; who brings her childhood skills of hoola hoops all the way from Argentina. She will leave your head spinning as she manipulates up to 80 hoola hoops while simultaneously balancing on a giant mirror ball. Having numerous hoops thrown in her direction all at once is just one of her many talents.
Silvers 1
Clowns: A guarantee at the circus, but expect the unexpected with these clowns. These acts are guaranteed to tickle your funny bone.
The Roman Rings: Sixth generation Swiss circus artist, Rosita Gasser performs a unique and very modern display on the Roman Rings with elegance, poise and style. Her strength and control during performance has stemmed from being a solo, double and flying trapeze aerialist from the tender age of eight and a lifetime in the circus. This one is super mesmerising, so prepare to be amazed.
Juggling Monchito: Ariel Barralle, otherwise known as the Juggling Monchito, is a second generation circus performer from South America. He has performed juggling acts in several disciplines, including trampoline juggling and aerial straps. He also performs the traditional
Argentina dance of Gauchos with his family. Definitely a child friendly act guaranteed to wow.
Unicycle: Yonas Showcases his agility speed and precision as he manoeuvres high above the audience on unicycles. Wheels are Yonas’ thing, as he surprises you over and over again.
Cloud Swing: Madeline Bisby is a highly skilled Australian Aerial artist. In her act she combines stunning artistry with compelling elegance as she pushes the limits and heights on her cloud
These acts and many more class acts will be performed throughout the night. Silvers circus is guaranteed to have an act for everyone and to tap into the nostalgia we hold for an authentic and unique circus experience. It’s true when they say there is no other circus like Silvers Circus.
When & Where: Geelong Showgrounds, Geelong – Wednesday March 28 to Sunday April 22. For all show details visit
Written by Aleesha Coots