Rockabul will soon be available on demand and DVD

Rockabul will soon be available on demand and DVD

How many bands from Afghanistan can you name? None? No, I didn’t think so. And honestly, neither could we… Until now that is.

RocKabul is a documentary, from Australian photojournalist Travis Beard, that takes us on a journey from the inception of the first ever Afghan heavy metal band called ‘District Unknown’, and documents part of Afghan life that is rarely shown in Western media.

The film features never before seen footage of the underground expat party scene, at odds with an extremely conservative society.

The audience will witness the birth, rise and fall of this counter culture movement and see a raw first hand account of what the West’s development funds were used for. The band put themselves and their followers in the firing line. They became targets because their music connected with Afghan youth, the expat community living in Afghanistan and international audiences. We watch as the five unassuming young men deal with identity and freedom in a place where both can get you killed.

You might remember the film was screening in venues around the region earlier this year, and now is available on demand (iTunes, Sony Entertainment, Xbox, Google and Fetch), and on DVD, from September 4, 2019.

Giving a real-life account of how lucky we are in the western world to be able to simply pick up and express ourselves creatively in almost any format or narrative we choose, RocKabul is worth checking out.