Robin’s Wish Documentary tells the story of Robin William’s Final Days

Robin’s Wish Documentary tells the story of Robin William’s Final Days

Words by Jessica Magtalas

Tuesday marked six years after the tragic loss of comedian and household favourite Robin Williams.

A documentary set to be released on September 1 in the US, documents the Hollywood actor’s final days before his passing on August 11. Although, there is currently no word of an Australian release as of yet, it’s a story worth noting.

One of the best comedians of all time and a familiar name to many Millennials and even Gen Z’s, Williams gave hope to everyone and encouragement through his films.

Playing timeless and classic characters such as the Genie from Aladdin and Mrs Doubtfire, there is no doubt that the death of an icon shocked many.

After suffering his silent battle against a degenerative illness, his death remains the most heart-breaking.

A tragic story but an uplifting legacy, ‘Robin’s Wish’, is a docufilm set to detail the final days of the Oscar-winning actor and his life dealing with his struggle with health.

The film aims to shine light on the struggle of one’s health, the battle of medication and age, whilst bringing attention to neurogenerative disorder – a deadly but rare disorder that cost the film actor his life.

Featuring interviews from friends and family, including his widow wife, Susan Sheider Williams, the release will capture behind the scenes footage from the actor and will serve as a compelling remembrance to one of America’s adored names.

Watch the trailer for the upcoming documentary below.