Riverboats Music Festival launches live stream performance series, The Lounge Room Sessions

Riverboats Music Festival launches live stream performance series, The Lounge Room Sessions

The folks behind the Riverboats Music festival have launched Lounge Room Sessions for their fans to get their fix on artists that have previously performed on the Echuca-Moama stage.

The team has put their brains together to launch the new live stream concerts and come up with a way to help artists financially during this time of uncertainty and festival director David Frazdr could not be prouder.

“In unprecedented times such as these we can despair or we can innovate, and with that in mind we’ve decided to launch a platform to support the artists who have supported us,” he said.

“It will also be a way for them to get cash into their hands sooner rather than later.

“It’s a pretty dire situation and we want to help the artists who made our events in the past last.

“People can just donate $2, but if we have 1,000 people doing that, than it could
mean they can pay some bills.”

The concept is simple – every night at 8pm the Riverboats team is inviting an Australian solo artist or band to perform a 20-minute set from their lounge rooms, which will be broadcast via Facebook to the Riverboat Music Festival page.

A link will be included alongside each post where viewers can make an optional contribution to the artist via a dedicated fundraising page, administered by TryBooking and 100 per cent of all funds received will be paid directly to the artist.

“We understand many people may not be in a position to donate at the moment – these are challenging times for us all,” Frazer said.

“At the very least we can collectively enjoy some incredible live music in the only way possible.

“None of us know what the next few months will hold, and we have no idea if this concept will make a tangible contribution to the artists we love – but doing something has to be better than doing nothing.”

Tonight at 8pm, Matt walker of Lost ragas will be performing and you can tune in via facebook.com/theloungeroomsessions

This weeks lineup:
Wednesday, March 25 – Matt Walker (Lost ragas)
Thursday, March 26 – Skyscraper Stan
Friday, March 27 – Gabriella Cohen
Saturday, March 28 – Matt Joe Gow
Sunday, March 29 – Jess Locke

Written by Kim Price