River Yarra: Raindance Extended Play + Vision

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River Yarra: Raindance Extended Play + Vision

Raudie McLeod, or River Yarra as he is better known, has just released his new EP entitled Raindance Extended Play and Vision. Comprising just three tracks, this album is quite diverse in both its textures and sounds. One of the main influences to the sound is from the classic track ‘Frontier Psychiatrist’ by The Avalanches. Using many different samples mashed up to create one song, McLeod brings his own sound to this EP. Its electronic grooves are hypnotic and infectious and set to start any party. I don’t mean that to say that these tunes will make you fall asleep, it will definitely relax you however and ‘Moonlight Disco’ the second track from the record could quite easily find its way onto a dinner party mixtape.
Having spent some time in the Himalayas recently, McLeod is looking forward to creating something with some social responsibility and a political consciousness to it. Whether that means we could be hearing Tony Abbott speech sampled in the next single, I don’t know. It’s nice and relaxing electronica from a local producer which you should always get behind, because music starts on a grassroots level. This is an interesting listen and one you should jump online and check out today.
Out now via Solitaire
Reviewed by Tex Miller