River Rocks

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River Rocks

It may be two months away but it’s about time you started preparing your mind and body for the 12-hour, two-stage, 20 band juggernaut that is River Rocks. Back for its seventh year, and bigger than ever, the gig will be held on November 15 at The Barwon Club – that had better be a pen I hear writing that date down.
Playing over the two stages will be Orb, La Bastard, Dukes of Deliciousness, Grindhouse, Bruce, Hydro Medusa, Bodies, The Ruiner, The Vee Bees, Blacklist, Sun God Replica, Batpiss, Powerline Sneakers, Nunchukka Superfly, Clowns, Warped, Hits, Kim Salmon & The Surrealists and The Spits.
Headlining the day is Tumbleweed, who recently lost band member Jay Curley. Jay’s death was a sudden shock to the music industry, and at this stage there has been no word whether the band is continuing performances.
If all goes ahead and Tumbleweed take the stage at midnight, River Rocks is a great chance to pay your respect to the bass playing legend while listening to bands playing in a genre he was such a big part of.
For those oblivious to the full-on nature of the event, River Rocks promises to destroy livers, annihilate eardrums and sever limbs. But never fear, the beer will be cold, a doctor will be on standby and the hypobaric chamber will be warmed up and operating at an epic rate.
So keep yourself nimble and we’ll see you when the doors open at 1 p.m. on November 15.
When&Where: The Barwon Club, Geelong – November 15