Here’s a rough guide to River Rocks 2016

Here’s a rough guide to River Rocks 2016

For nine years, River Rocks has had the Barwon Club pumping with amazing rock’n’roll talent. And it’s not just rock bands on the line-up.

This unique local event encompasses a wild combination of great bands with a like-minded passionate audience, with the likes of The Monkeywrench (USA), HITS, Six Ft Hick, Dirtclodfight (USA), Warped, Totally Unicorn, The Ruiner, Blood Sucking Freaks, Peeping Tom, Clever, You Beauty, Mad Macka (Out in the beer garden), The Meatbeaters, Poppin Mommas, Drug Sweat, Grindhouse, Shit Sex, Cereal Killer, Two Headed Dog, The Dukes of Deliciousness and Amba Fear.

If that line-up isn’t enough for you, there will also be the usual free BBQ and the Ox Menzies cocktail hour at the venue! Last year, Ross Knight of the Cosmic Psychos said: “It’s a great day to go the pub, but it’s an even better day to go the pub when it’s bloody River Rocks.” So prepare for a night of shouting, singing, carrying on, erratic dance moves and an epic hangover.

Forté rounded up a few of the acts to look out for:

SixFtHick is a “swamp rock” band hailing from up in Brisbane and widely known for the unpredictable and rock styling antics of the two singers and brothers Geoff and Ben Corbett. They formed back in 1995, and the band have since released four albums and two EPs. Playing for 21 years now, SixFtHick are now widely known for relentlessly touring Australia supporting artists such as The White Stripes, Beasts of Bourbon, TISM and Jon Spencer Blues Explosion, as well as trashing stages overseas too. Not bad at all!

The Monkeywrench uplo

The Monkeywrench
Formed in 1991, this super group of sorts have reunited and are hitting River Rocks as part of their first ever Australian tour. Intended to be a sort of one time, LP band, it was founded by members of the classic Seattle band Mudhoney, Mark Arm and Steve Turner along with guitarist Tim Kerr, Tom Price and Martin Bland.

Dirtclodfight upl;o

Eugene-Portland punk band Dirtclodfight has been around for quite a while. After multiple line-up changes and an extended hiatus, band leader Phil Merwin rebooted the band in 2004 with Dean Miles on drums and Jason Locher on bass. They recently released their new EP, ‘The Reckoning’, which is a return to 90’s noise and heaviness. Catch them at River Rocks as part of their first ever Australian tour.

Totally Unicorn upload

Totally Unicorn
Australian metal core band from near Sydney, Totally Unicorn are best known for their highly energetic and unpredictable live shows; which often feature partial or complete nudity, jumping off the stage or other raised platforms, and interacting with individual audience members – a very magical animal hardcore act to say the least. They released the long awaited debut album Dream Life earlier this year.

Playing Times

Playing Times


When & Where: River Rocks @ The Barwon Club, Geelong – November 19. You can pick up tickets via the website.