Rites of Passage

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Rites of Passage

Tattoos aren’t just about fitting into a trend, rebelling your parents or looking tough, tattoos are about expressing yourself, remembering people and appreciating a unique art form that lasts forever – or at least as long as you’d like it to. Celebrating all that and more is the largest tattoo event in the Southern Hemisphere, Rites of Passage. We had a chat to managing director and events coordinator Kevin Mack about what to expect.
Hi Kevin, thanks so much for taking the time to chat to Forte, how are you and what are you up to at the moment?
I’ve been great, I’ve just been very busy planning the up and coming Rites Of Passage.
This is going to be your second Rites Of Passage festival, how did last years event go?
Last year’s event turned out great – we couldn’t have been happier with the outcome. We had such a great selection of artists, great art and a massive turn out for attendance.
Have you got many new ideas going into this year’s event and do you expect a bigger turnout?
We sure have, last years event was a great learning curve. During the course of the year we’ve had so much growth in ideas and planning. This year we have incorporated new elements to the event and we have been lucky enough to take on some great sponsors like Harley City, Sailor Jerry, Doss Blockos and Red Bull.
Held at the historic, Royal Exhibition Building, Rites of Passage is the largest Tattoo event in the Southern Hemisphere, just how big is it?
Here at ROP we strongly believe in becoming bigger and better, holding this event at the historic Royal Exhibition Building helps connect our patrons to the art enriched venue. ROP is recognised internationally for the integrity of the event, the array of world renowned artists, live art, and its raw connections to core values of the tattoo and art culture. When you think of Milan, Paris or London tattoo conventions, you’ll be sure to think of ROP in Melbourne, Australia.
Could you please tell us about some of the visiting artists and vendors?
This year we welcome the return of Nikko Hurtardo, one of the world’s most renowned realism artists. With Nikko’s extensive client base including Drake, Puff Daddy and The Game, his appearance on television shows such as L.A ink, Tattoo Wars and Ink Masters, Nikko Hurtardo may just be the most sought after tattoo artist of our time. This year we’re also lucky enough to have the return of Shige, the master of traditional Japanese art and for the first time in Australia Carlos Torress tattooing along side the talents of artists from Time Line Gallery based in L.A California.
You also have some great musical acts lined up this year, who can the public expect to see?
Hell yeah we do, we’re pumped to have Eso from Bliss n Eso on the mic hosting the event, Dan Kirby on the drums with DJ Ism on the 1’s and 2’s and to cap off our Saturday night we’ve got the boys back from 28 Days! Everybody rip it up!!!
Do you have to have tatts to enjoy the festival?
Absolutely not, this event is open to all walks of life. It’s an all ages event and there’s something in it for everyone.
Running over the Anzac Day Weekend, would you recommend coming all three days?
With everyday offering a different highlight to the event, I’d be sure to get myself a VIP pass and get down there for the whole three days.
Who should get along to the festival and why?
At Rites Of Passage we guarantee there is something here for everyone. This event is created for the public and we encourage all personalities to attend.
When & Where: Royal Exhibition Building, Carlton Gardens – April 24-26