Riley Pearce: 5 Songs That Inspired ‘Misplaced’

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Riley Pearce: 5 Songs That Inspired ‘Misplaced’

With his debut ‘Outside The Lines’ EP (released early 2016) amassing over six million streams on Spotify, Riley Pearce built a substantial amount of anticipation for his new release ‘Misplaced’. A fragile, layered and complex melody balanced by Riley’s raw style, keeps the bar set at very high for an artist that should be on a lot of different radars this year.

Speaking on the track Riley states: “I wrote Misplaced early on in a new relationship. I was really anxious and unsure of what I wanted and whether it was all going to work out. It’s pretty hard when two people like each other but are so different. It’s a brutally honest song… probably the most from I’ve written.”

Now, Riley’s given us five songs that inspired his newest track.

East of Eden – Leif Vollebekk

This song is one of those songs that comes on right as you’re nearing your driveway but you stay in your car to hear it out. Switching the engine off so you can hear it doesn’t get in the way of how the song was meant to be heard. This song is an extension of a Gillian Welsch song (I Dream a Highway) if you’re wondering and I love everything about it, he never overplays and his vocal phrasings are an absolute delight to listen to. I don’t know whether Misplaced would’ve turned out how it did if I hadn’t found this song.

Roses on a Breeze – Bear’s Den

The pure passion and hurt you can feel in Andrew Davie’s voice hits you right in the chest. I really wanted to create a similar vibe. I was lucky enough to see them play an acoustic set in a church whilst travelling the US and have been a loyal listener ever since. The recording of this song features so much necessary space and interesting effects on the drums too.

Avant Gardener – Gordi (Cover of Courtney Barnett’s song)

I’ve always been a huge believer that a great song can be stripped back to the bare minimums and should still be a great song. I had listened to the original version a dozen or so times but never given it a second thought. After Gordi’s cover, the lyrics and story behind the song are so childlike and playful but at the same time it’s delivered in this heartbreaking manner that totally consumes me.

Koln – Brolin

I’m obsessed with opening lines to songs. “Someone watching, could you tap the brake”. I listened to this fairly often on the way back from recording with Andy Lawson. It’s about a 45-60min drive depending on traffic. Misplaced was a super honest song and I delve pretty deep and somewhat specifically into how venturing into new relationships scares me.

Every Chance I Get – Reptar

If you’re checking out each song as I write about them. You’re probably thinking this one stands out quite noticeably and doesn’t seem to fit in with the others. It was always a priority for me to keep a positive undertone to Misplaced and an uplifting build that indicated a less gloomy future. The wobbly vocals and equally jangly guitars just make me smile. Seeing the positives and not being totally overwhelmed by stressful situations is something to make room for.

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