Rhys Tolhurst bares all on his intimate new single ‘Keep Dreaming’

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Rhys Tolhurst bares all on his intimate new single ‘Keep Dreaming’

Rhys Tolhurst; he’s the teenage boy from Cairns who stole hearts across the country back in 2012 after reaching the final showdown on Australia’s Got Talent at the age of just 17.

He’s now 25 years old, and since his introduction into the music industry, he has worked hard to make the transition from realty TV singer to serious adult musician. Having suddenly sacrificed a lucrative local career in pursuit of bigger dreams, making the move to Melbourne – Australia’s music capital – was key in forging his own path, but now it seems to be truly coming to fruition with his most recent single, ‘Keep Dreaming’, following previous releases ‘Paradise’, ‘Traitor’, and ‘Being Together’.

His first single for 2020, ‘Keep Dreaming’ is a testament to Tolhurst’s growth as an artist, in what is in his own words, his most personal song yet.

With nods to John Legend and Niall Horan, ‘Keep Dreaming’ is anthemic in nature, but subtle in tone. Boasting caramel John Mayer-esque voals, the reflective track is a tasty mix of drum loops, electronic piano and lush, layered synths.

Listening to the track, you can hear the heart and soul that went into creating it, highlighting Tolhurst’s masterful storytelling ability as he chronicles the challenging voyage from talented whiz kid to wisdom-seeking wanderer, while simultaneously pondering the commitment required from partners of all ambitious artists as they chase their elusive and often monumental dreams.

“This song is about two things; the blind, fatalistic belief of every gifted artist that their voice is worthy of being heard and the faith required from those nearest and dearest to fuel and foster that belief,” Tolhurst explains, expressing gratitude for his current partner and fellow artist Kellie.

A candid insight into his strength of character, ‘Keep Dreaming’ is undoubtedly Tolhurst’s most sincere and honest song to date, and we have a feeling 2020 is going to offer him his moment to shine.

You can stream ‘Keep Dreaming’ on all platforms now.