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Combining indie-pop guitar sounds of bands like The Jungle Giants and the sweet melodic crooning of Matt Corby, there is a new Geelong band on the rise: meet Revolution. From the outset they may seem like a bunch of young folk getting together to have a jam, but since taking out the regional final of the Push Start Battle of the Bands in Geelong at Courthouse ARTS recently, they are a band on the rise, and one to watch in the coming months. When I first sat down to chat to Jack Harman, lead vocalist and guitarist for the group, the band are excited about the opportunities that are ahead for them in 2015.
“We are all really genuinely stoked that we are having this interview right now. This is the first one we have really done as a band so to be talking to you about our music, is a bit of a surreal moment,” Harman says. Although it’s only been two weeks or so since the band took out the regional final, Revolution are still coming to terms with getting the opportunity to play on the Moomba bill over the Labour Day weekend next March.
“In a matter of speaking mate, it feels quite numb to be honest with you. We’ve been on cloud nine for a while, but everything is just starting to sink in. You spend months and months practising, writing and jamming with ideas out in the back shed – it’s when you come onto the stage and people start enjoying what you have created that you start to think this has legs and the opportunity to develop into something much bigger. We’ve got gigs coming up at Queenscliff Music Festival on the Foot in the Door bill and at Motor City Music Festival next year as part of the Live and Local. Things are starting to build and it’s like a grass fire really – starting out small and then developing into something much bigger,” he says.
In a time when the gigs are starting to roll in for the band, the main focus is to keep on writing and perfecting the live show to offer the audience a surreal and highly energetic experience that will blow their minds. With one EP to their name, Revolution is hard at work on the follow up. The launch of the debut release however was earlier this year at Triumph Music Festival at St Joseph’s college playing alongside fellow indie kids Residual.
“We got asked to play at Triumph fest and we thought what better opportunity to launch our EP and music than in front of a crowd of 5,000 people. One of the songs off the EP ‘Change the World’, is about promoting racial equality and speaking about poverty and awareness – we thought it was sending the perfect message for the festival. They used it as the backing track to the promo video which was awesome as well,” Harman says.
With no expectations of what was going to occur, the band headed into the studio to record their EP. It was a nerve-racking experience for the band though the pressure helped develop the songs. “Once you’re in the studio and you’ve got a blank canvas to work off, it’s quite exciting to see each individual process with the mixing and mastering. We didn’t really have much knowledge of recording but it’s a really good feeling and we are really keen to get back into the studio,” he says.
With music running in the family, it was always an assurance that the Harman boys were bound to do something with their talent. The band currently comprises Jack Harman on lead vocals and guitar, Riley Harman on guitar, Nic Tutone on guitar/keys, Sebastian Rawson on bass and Casey Searle on drums. The chemistry between all five members of the band on stage is addictive and demands you to dance, no matter your skill level.
Speaking about the living in the Harman household and the various record collections it seems that Jack has stumbled on some pretty embarrassing discoveries. “I was into AC/DC, and my parents to a point disapproved of that. They asked why did I have to listen to that music. I then found their Spandaeu Ballet collection and asked them the same question! Riley was always getting lessons on various different instruments and that inspired me to pick up the guitar and have a bash. It’s been a natural progression for us as a band so far,” Harman says.
With many different influences of the band coming through each individual member, it’s an exciting time to see where the next set of songs will develop. John Mayer, AC/DC, The Jungle Giants and Metallica may show the varying degrees of music tastes of each member, however the sound that the band creates is something distinctive and fresh.
“I think from listening to such different genres, when we head into the jam space it allows us to develop ideas to the next level again and give the songs a little more punch than what they would have had previously. We are having trouble deciding what genre we are, because we haven’t had anyone that sounds similar,” he says.
Having heard the band at the recent Battle of the Bands, it’s easy to hear influences of Matt Corby and jangle of the indie rock guitar. To my ear, I heard a little bit of a Crosby Stills and Nash vibe, so be sure to head out to one of their gigs soon to make up your own mind.
Part of the prize pack of the regional finals was a video clip and professional recording time – this is the just the start on something a lot bigger. If you want to be a part of the journey make sure you head over to their Facebook page and give them a few listens on triple j Unearthed. With a follow up EP to be released next year, discover one of the regions best new bands before they sign to Sony and are booked to play the John Peel Stage at Glastonbury.
When&Where: Queenscliff Music Festival – November 28-30, Motor City Music Festival – March 6-8 & Nightjar Festival, Torquay – January 15
By Tex Miller, Photo by Matt Richards