Reuben Stone Pushes To The Limit

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Reuben Stone Pushes To The Limit

Much like the title of his track ‘Push To The Limit’, Reuben Stone has this year done exactly that. The live-looping multi-instrumentalist has played upwards of 50 shows, sharing the stage with the likes of UB40, Tash Sultana and most recently The Pierce Brothers.

“I’m looking at having done close to 60 shows this year so far, probably more… I’ve done quite a bit of busking as well, so everything is really quite well-toured and I pretty much feel I’m at the top of my game,” says Reuben.

And the year is not even close to over for Reuben Stone, who is booked for monthly shows until the completion of the year, including a slot at the upcoming Birregurra Festival and Art Show this October.

“I reckon they [the audience] can expect a very well-tuned and well-toured show… I’ve never really been this good before. Everything’s really tight and I’ve been spending a lot of time tuning my sound system,” he says.

Reuben harnesses multi-instrumental skills on guitar, bass and trombone, as well as beatbox, melodica and synthesiser, with the result being spontaneously created live-loops, which have the intense power and energy of a full band. Simultaneously, he meshes together and draws on a wide range of different genres in the creation of his tracks.

“My music is a mix between reggae, dub, electronica and blues and it does stray off into other sort of realms with a little bit of rock influence as well, because I’ve gone through quite a few different genres since I’ve been playing,” explains Reuben.

The impressive one-man band has also this year been working on a six-track EP, which is set for release in January of next year. Many of his tracks and lyrical content are said to source inspiration from his time spent on the road.

“I’ve got about three completed tracks and I’ve got about three that are almost ready to go into the studio,” he explains, “I find I get a lot of my inspiration from travelling and stuff, my song called Push To The Limit was [created] when I was out and about travelling around the world and playing a lot of street shows.”

Reuben says that a career as a musician was something that was ingrained in him from a young boy, with his father teaching him his first instrument at roughly five years of age.

“It was always just my most enjoyed thing to do,” he says, “I was always interested in arts from a young age because my dad’s a musician, so we’d have jams in the band room, which was quite an influence.

“I never really did that well at school, I was always getting in trouble because I was naughty and I’d always not go to class and just go to the band room instead… It was always kind of a thing I was just going to do, I never really thought to do anything else.”

Marking a year since his last release, Reuben’s newest single ‘Brighter Than The Sun’ is set for release this Wednesday, September 20 and will be sure to give fans a taste of what’s to come on the highly-anticipated EP.

Release: Brighter Than The Sun is available now for listening and download, via

When & Where: The Cambridge Hotel, Newcastle – September 22, Birregurra Festival and Art Show, Birregurra – October 14 – 15, Brown Brothers Spring Wine & Food Festival Milawa – November 18 & The Penny Black Melbourne **Brighter Than The Sun Single Launch** – December 15

Written by Helena Metzke

Image sourced via Reuben Stone socials