Resisting the Fall

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Resisting the Fall

What a massive two months Ballarat death metal outfit, Fall and Resist, have had. With their inaugural Blister Metal Festival for their own promotions agency, Resist Promotions, raging havoc for the fifth year running, this time at The Tote, Melbourne, participating in Beyond Black and being part of the final metal night of our Ballarat home of music Karova Lounge (RIP), the boys are just oiling their engines. Coming into December the band and agency will be delivering another stellar event, organising and playing Too Metal For Meredith.

“I inherited the idea for the festival from a local band called Wilderness from member Richard. It’s to complement the Meredith music festival which is primarily a music festival for blues and folk music and they thought their band was too metal for Meredith so they put on this metal show for all of the metalheads that don’t get that recognition. At the time I played on his show and helped run it and at the time I was like, ‘do you want me to continue this on?’ and he said ‘yeah take it and build on it’,” Fall and Resist front-man and Resist Promotion founder, Liam ‘Frosty’ Frost-Camilleri says.

He certainly has built on that idea, with the upcoming show yet another example of how Frosty is fostering the metal community and local music scene. For Too Metal For Meredith, the Fall and Resist boys are putting Ballarat on the map including the up and coming outfit, Distorta on the line-up and championing regional Victoria with Blood Mountain. Melbourne band buddies Demonhead and Bunyip will all add to the chaos.

“Demonhead are longstanding friends of the band for us. We were friends with Dave before he went back to Demonhead and was in Venom for a while there and when he brought Demonhead back up, we’ve done a lot of shows together and get along really well. Distorta are a local band who have a bit of a following which is great, another one that we think deserve more shows and to get out there a little more. Blood Mountain, I’ve never had before but I’ve heard of them but we’re doing it on friend recommendations and Bunyip!”

While the line-up for the event has certainly taken things up a notch, Fall and Resist have also taken their band to the next level having recently transitioned from a four-piece to a five-piece with the introduction of Aaron Taylor taking over Frosty’s guitar duties.

“It’s actually a really funny story of how he came into the group. We played this show in Sydney and I borrowed the amp that they had there and it died so I put the guitar down and started screaming and after the show, the boys turned to me and said ‘dude, that’s how you should be doing it. You’re so much better as just a front-man in a way’. So I said ‘there’s only one person I can think of off the top of my head to fit into our tight-knit group, because we are quite close and would be able to handle the stuff and Aaron’s name is what come up. It was an easy and straight-forward transition.”

As not only a front-man, promotions, and events coordinator and teacher by trade, the addition is certainly welcomed by Frosty, freeing up not only his hands, but his time to focus on growing their metal empire.

If you think you’re too metal for Meredith, get along to the show Saturday 14 December at The Eastern. Ticket for $15 at the door.

Written by Tammy Walters