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Request The Best

Request Artists are turning the practice of artist booking on its head, making the booking process for events a breeze thanks to their new and innovative booking platform for both artists and event coordinators.

The mind-child of renowned Australian DJ, co-founder of Vicious Recordings and the man behind Reminisce 2020, John Course, in partnership with John Curtin (Festival X / Uber Eats Marketing expert) and DJ Piero Giovannini (RIVA NYD & Aus Day 2020), Request Artists is exactly how it sounds. Targeted at corporate, special occasion, sporting and cultural events organisers, Request Bookings provides an easy to navigate portal with access to a thick portfolio of Australia’s best DJ’s and performers.

The idea for Requests Artists itself was born out of Course’s own frustration as an artist and performer around special event booking.

“I was a DJ and getting requests to do events and often the issue was that I was hesitant to move forward because there would be a misalignment between the event and the artist, and I didn’t want to go and do a gig where I was going to get booked to play and the music I was going to play wouldn’t suit, so I would always ask a lot of questions of the client,” he explains.

“I thought this automatically jumps that because you can tick and search via music genre and therefore eliminate those issues. It was about trying to make sure there was a solution that offered clients the ability to dig deeper musically and make sure they were actually almost answering the questions you would ask anyway before you even get to the stage of booking.”

He continues, “The other issue was that people don’t realise that DJ’s that play clubs are willing to do private events. It just has to make sure that what they do [musically and genre wise] aligns with the client. The other thing I wanted to do is put DJ’s that potentially would do events but aren’t shown anywhere, and nobody knows really where to find them, just to put them in front of your face so that you can literally go ‘oh wow, I can book Andy Murphy or Andy Van or John Course, or whoever it might be for my party’.”

Their current roster is 33 artists long consisting of acts such as Feline, Femme, the aforementioned Andy Van, Matty D, Khanh, Sarah C, Todd Watson and Zoe Badwi. But Request Artists is more than a booking platform; it’s really about eliminating the middleman – the constant back and forth and long wait period between booking and confirmation. Request Artists has a 24 hour turnaround time on bookings and simplifies everything for both parties, whilst providing the most information.
“It was about using technology to help the initial search but also about looking at how business is working in this day and age and making sure that the process wasn’t like, ‘You need to print off and sign this agreement’, it was more about what happened afterwards; what happened after you found the DJ that you want and you want to book them? What does that process look like and how can we streamline that? I guess the mentality was always let’s make this as painless as possible even after you’ve decided,” Course says.

That process has already seen a bunch of happy customers with their roster covering events such as the 50th Birthday extravaganza with Leo Sayer (live) and DJ Jorj and Jono Earle, Essendon Football Club Christmas Party at The Espy, Mossimo new Summer range launch party, Bunny Polo at Portsea Polo and the Festival X Wrap Party.

Check out their roster and get booking now for your next special occasion at

Written by Tammy Walters