REMI: Divas & Demons

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REMI: Divas & Demons

REMI’s newest release is as smooth as it is diverse and poignant. I may as well end the review right there. Opening with ‘D.A.D’ which is a seemingly comforting number, the release ramps up with ‘Forsaken Man’.

The release features a number of collaborations (Sampa the Great in the blissfull ‘For Good’, Jordan Rakei in ‘Lose Sleep’ and many more) and shows REMI’s willingness to work with others and ability to successfully do so. The other voices featured help round out the release nicely.

‘Uh Uh I’m Gone’ is a highlight, the beat is perfect, edgy, the lyrics are confident and have that glint of cheekiness reminiscent of the ’90s. Pay attention for ‘Lose Sleep’ and the lyrics, repeat it if you have to, the guest vocals from Jordan Rakei are gentle and are carried along nicely by REMI dropping the bomb with a number of Australianisms and truths. Perhaps the best thing about this release is there are 16 tracks of blissfull REMI tunes, 16! I feel like that just doesn’t happen anymore.

House of Beige
Reviewed by Alexander Lightfoot