Regional Victoria just scored another huge winter lights festival

Regional Victoria just scored another huge winter lights festival

Bendigo's beautiful Rosalind Park will transform with a series of vibrant installations

If there’s one thing each of the world’s greatest festivities has in common is a celebration and appreciation for light.

Whether it’s the two million shimmering lights over a 1.5km walking trail at Adventure Park’s Christmas Festival of Lights, or the newly announced immersive sound and light trail lighting up the Murray River, Victoria’s light festival’s will surely leave you in awe and wonder and with a true appreciation of innovative contemporary art.

Well, now you’ve got one more to add to the must-visit list this winter with ‘Awaken – Bendigo brought to light’.

The key takeaways

  • ‘Awaken – Bendigo brought to light’ will transform Rosalind Park after dark
  • Each installation captures Bendigo’s stories of the city and its rich history, through a radiant display of light, colour and sound in a spectacular fashion.
  • The free festival starts on Saturday, June 26 and will run to Sunday, July 17

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Hosted by the City of Greater Bendigo, the new and exciting winter event will transform Rosalind Park after dark with a spectacular show combining unique sensory, hologram and immersive laser light experiences, starting on Saturday, June 26.

Every night until July 17, the heart of Bendigo will come to life in this free event, capturing the city’s stories and rich history, including Traditional Owners, its gold mining past, Chinese migration and Rosalind Park’s own fascinating history. These themes will be ‘brought to light’ using a radiant display light, colour and sound in a spectacular fashion.

There will be 14 light shows all up, including a stunning laser show display at Bendigo Creek and the Cascades; treescapes transformed with abstract art, colour and light inspired by Bendigo’s local art scene; an illuminated Acknowledgement of Country; face projections on tree trunks that will tell the trees’ unique horticultural stories and holograms of Bendigo’s local flora, fauna and wildlife; as well as a homage to Bendigo’s popular tulip display with glowing tulips to light up the sky.

The event kickstarts the new Bendigo Tourism winter marketing campaign ‘IGNITE’, which brings together events and experiences to activate the region during the colder months.

Awaken is a free event and runs from June 26 – July 17 2021 at Rosalind Park, Bendigo. It will run from 6pm to 10pm, Sunday to Thursday and from 7pm to 11pm on Friday and Saturday. You can find out more information here.