Reflected Light – Melbourne Symphony Orchestra Season 2023

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Reflected Light – Melbourne Symphony Orchestra Season 2023

Join the MSO for this program of string-featured works connecting ancient and modern, led by violist and chamber music curator Christopher Moore.

  • Written in Hollywood where Russian composer Stravinsky was being bombarded by new musical styles, Concerto in D features a dizzying array of special playing techniques in this neoclassical exploration of the possibilities of a string orchestra.
  • MSO Composer in Residence Mary Finsterer’s Lumen is ethereal and magical: a fantastical and vivid representation of the light of the first dawn inspired by 11th century poetry.
  • Bohemian composer Zelenka’s Sinfonia for 8 instruments shows off the emotional versatility of the baroque era, as jaunty dance rhythms are set alongside sighing violins to pull at the heartstrings.
  • Routinely voted as one of the most beautiful pieces ever written, Vaughan Williams’s sublime, folk-inspired meditation on the music of Tudor composer Thomas Tallis is a lush and much-loved musical treat of sublime beauty.


  • Viola / DirectorChristopher Moore


  • StravinskyConcerto in D
  • Mary Finsterer^Lumen*
  • ZelenkaSinfonia à 8 concertanti
  • Vaughan WilliamsFantasia on a Theme of Thomas Tallis