Reece Mastin

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Reece Mastin

It’s hard to believe Reece Mastin is just 20 years of age, having been so active on the Australian music scene since taking out the top prize in Australia’s third season of X Factor in 2011 at the age of just 16. Since then he has released two platinum selling albums, with his debut release hitting number one in the ARIA charts.
Earlier this month, Reece brought out a brand new sounding, five-track EP called Rebel and Reason – a release he is so excited to be sharing with his fans, also known as ‘Lil’ Rockers’. “It feels great, I mean it’s been a while since I got to put anything out but it’s good, I’m really happy with it. Everyone seems to be liking it at the moment so it’s all going quite well.” he says.
This release is his first recording since signing with new label Social Family Records, and it’s been good so far at his new home. As Reece explains he is enjoying the new freedoms he has when it comes to making his music with the label.
“Oh it’s beautiful, it’s so good. We got to go in and record it all with the full live band and they are all 100 per cent behind it and just really helpful. We approached it a bit differently and I’m glad we did, it was all about capturing that live, organic sound and we definitely achieved that with this recording,” he smiles.
“I have really been looking to head this way for a while and I think the fans have definitely been waiting for a bit of guitar work.”
The music video to the title song, ‘Rebel and Reason’, is quite powerful and addresses the issue of domestic violence – something Reece is passionately against. The video depicts the traumas and repercussions of violence in families, with three beautiful sisters and many wonderful women in his life, Reece has willingly taken up a new role as a White Ribbon Australia ambassador.
“It has been really great for me, I’m really proud that I get to be a part of it. It’s an issue that we don’t really speak about on a day to day basis, but the figures are pretty massive. It’s something like two women a week are passing away at the hands of their partner or ex-partner at the moment. When I heard this I wondered, ‘Why aren’t we hearing about this more in the media? We need to bring it out into the public eye!’ So I wanted to get the clip out so we could put that message out there and to let people know it is actually going on – it is a really serious issue and one that we could very easily just say ‘no’ to. For me, I think that was my main goal, to give people the confidence to say ‘no’ and acknowledge that it’s not okay,” Reece says.
Having not toured since September last year, Reece is gearing up to hit the road, preparing for an East Coast Tour with his band.
“We’re just picking the setlist now, then we will launch back into rehearsals and stuff before we head back out into all the madness. But I can’t wait – I love touring. We haven’t been out there this year just yet so I’m dying to get back out there and see everyone,” he says.
“I’ve got a guitarist, a drummer a bass player and a keyboard player and I’ve got my manager and singer along as well, Mahaila Barnes, it’s a great band and they’re really fun to play with – pretty amazing when you get to watch what they do.”
You may recognise Reece’s manager and singer, Mahaila, who is the daughter of legendary Cold Chisel front man Jimmy Barnes and who has had plenty of her own success as an established artist and was also featured n the first season of The Voice. The Rebel and Reason tour promises to get you up and grooving, with Reece’s new edgier and rock-laden sound the shows will not be there to just sit back a relax to – you’re guaranteed to get up and move.
“It’s still loud and still nuts, but we’re going to play a bit from the EP and maybe chuck in a few freshies, we’ll have to hash them out a bit before we get in to do the album and stuff, but yeah it’s going to be loud and a lot of rock-and-roll.”
Following this tour, Reece and the band don’t plan on taking a break and will jump straight back into the studio and get recording on their next set of hits.
“We just got back from LA a couple of weeks ago, we did two weeks straight of writing for the album, then in the last two days we got to go to Disneyland, it was so cool we got to stay in the hotel there and everything. After the madness of the touring we’re going to sit down and record the album, then later on in the year do a tour around the album.”
If you or someone you know is experiencing violence, call 1800 RESPECT for advice or support. In an emergency, call 000.

Fast Five with Reece Mastin
Song in your head right now: ‘The Stealer’ by Free (1970)
Favourite holiday destination: The Caribbean
The last gig you went to: Mahalia Barnes
Your last tattoo what & where: I got my Granddad on my right arm
Favourite meal to make right now: Probably the only thing I know how to make – beef on toast!

When & Where: The Capital, Bendigo – June 19 & The Prince Bandroom, Melbourne – June 20
Written by Abbey King