Recreating Beatlemania

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Recreating Beatlemania

Q&A with Chris Frazer
What is there to write about The Beatles that hasn’t been written a million times before? It has me stumped. So instead let’s turn our musical ears to Chris Frazer, the man who is bringing Beatlemania back to town.
Firstly, how are you and what are you up to at the moment?
I am very well. I don’t think I have ever been so busy though. This year has been a tornado of everything Beatles and I’m enjoying everywhere we touchdown.
You’ve already toured the show to sold-out crowds. Does it feel good to come back to those who missed out the first time around?
Beatles fans are everywhere. We regularly meet fans who were there in the audience in 1964 or even in The Cavern at a school girl in ’62. We often see the same faces flying around the country to catch another of our shows. I see fans with as big an appetite today for the music and characters they love as ever. It is a privilege to be a Beatle Boy.
Have you been to Geelong before? Is there anything you plan to do while down here?
I have played quite a few shows in Geelong over the years. I have some great friends there I’m looking forward to catching up with.
You’ve been into The Beatles for quite a while now. What do they mean to you?
The Beatles are in my soul now. John is very much in my head. I think he’s my puppeteer.
In the show you play John. Are there any similarities between him and yourself?
The closer I get to my next stage, the more John takes over. But I believe I’m a little John and Paul really. I could do with more George to settle my mind.
You also play Freddie Mercury in a Queen tribute band. Is it hard to swap between such different roles?
It is. So much so that I have left Freddie in the closet for some time now in order to give John his just desserts.
Are there ever moments where, in real life, you find yourself acting as John?
When the boys and I get together I think we each slip in and out of our Beatle characters. We have fun.
You all became a part of Beatles history when you recreated the 1964 show. Was that a pretty great achievement for you?
It was the most satisfying project I have ever been a part of. I have never felt so close to my obsession.
In your shows have you ever had any fans come along that saw the original back in ’64? What are their thoughts of your tribute?
Hundreds in each city – everywhere! We have a great relationship with our audience and encourage their guidance and feedback.
And what can audience members expect from the show?
The original concert from 50 years ago: same songs, costumes, instruments – a complete recreation. We then play a second half of hits throughout their catalogue.
Thanks again for taking the time to chat with Forte. Is there anything you’d like to add before we finish up?
Very much looking forward to playing Geelong once again!
When&Where: The Playhouse Theatre @ GPAC – October 31