Ready to launch: Geelong Arts Centre new Creative Engine program launches showcases

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Ready to launch: Geelong Arts Centre new Creative Engine program launches showcases

Words by Staff Writer

Geelong Arts Centre will proudly be showcasing three creative projects as part of their Creative Engine initiative Launchpad from 22 June.

Taking place in their stunning Open House Theatre of the Geelong Arts Centre, the Launchpad showcase will include three performance works by local creatives and makers, Cabaret of Calm by Helen Duncan, GO/NO GO, by Go/No Go Circus, and Psyched by Serah Nathan.

These upcoming performances are a chance for the developer to test and showcase their works to live audiences in a professional theatre setting, with the program overall offering opportunities for artistic experimentation and audience engagement within the Geelong Arts Centre.

Lauchpad Showcase Dates

  • Cabaret of Calm by Helen Duncan | Saturday 22 June | 4pm + 7pm Tickets
  • GO/NO GO by GO/NO GO Circus | Wednesday 26 June | 7pm Tickets
  • Psyched by Serah Nathan | Friday 28 June | 7pm Tickets

Stay up to date with what’s happening within the region’s art scene here.

The first cab off the rank is Cabaret of Calm by Helen Duncan on Saturday 22 June. With two performances, the first at 4pm and the second at 7pm, Cabaret of Calm is an interactive work, transforming the theatre space into an inviting, calm and unique wellness space. Duncan encourages audiences to join the quest for self-improvement through this unique and immersive performance that is bound to leave audience members invigorated.

GO/NO GO is presented the following week on Wednesday 26 June from 7pm. A fusion of circus and theatrical performance GO/NO GO presents a reimagined live of the First Lady Astronaut Trainees in 1961. The thirteen women each committed to pass the same tests as the Mercury 7 astronauts which will be showcased in this energetic, daring theatre circus space spectacular.

Finally on Friday 28 June, Serah Nathan will present Psyched, a dark-comedic television script in development. The story follows the life of heartbroken Alina, who resorts to admitting herself to a psychiatric ward in a deeply misguided attempt to win back her ex. Alina’s calculated scheme is turned on its head when she is confronted by patients who grapple with far out-weighted problems than her own.

As these works form and take shape, these performances are a chance for the artists to use audience feedback and engagement to further progress their ideas, leaning into Geelong Arts Centre’s Launchpad overall mission. The initiative enables pathways for artists to develop their professional practice by bridging the gap between creating new works and presenting it to audiences.

This is a great opportunities to witness works in development whilst also supporting the creation of original works by local artists.

Ticket information for all of the Geelong Arts Centre Launchpad shows can be found here.