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Reading Material

The sun is out, the skies are blue and I am so ready to put away my jeans and chuck on a cute little dress. But we live in Victoria, so the odds that you’re sitting inside somewhere, wearing a jumper on and drinking hot coffee are still quite high.
So I thought, instead of telling you about what I like to wear in spring time (lets face it, it’s probably raining), I decided to tell you about what I like to read in spring time.
I know, it’s an odd segway, but there’s something about warm weather that calls on an easy-to-read fashion book. On that note, in no particular order, here are my top fashion reads.
1. How To Be Parisian Wherever You Are
By Audrey Diwan, Caroline de Maigret, Sophie Mas and Anne Berest
I adore this book for its satire, its honesty and above all else, the advice of four very fashionable French women. Even though this is a very light hearted book primarily about fashion, I found that the authors do a brilliant job at writing about female independence and embracing femininity and rejoice being a woman. It’s just got such a wonderful message and tone, and that’s why I do love it so much.
2. IT
By Alexa Chung
This is one of those books I’d heard so much hype about, and didn’t get around to reading at all until the hype disappeared. I did very much enjoy her quirks and matter-of-fact style of writing. If you’d like to learn about how to get her signature make-up looks, or discovering her secret for picking an outfit in the morning, this one is for you.
3. The Vogue Factor
By Kirstie Clements
I purchased this book after attending a talk by Kirstie Clements herself, and unsurprisingly she’s a total power house. This memoir follows her through her 25 year journey at Vogue Australia. It isn’t every day that you can sit down and find out about the ins and outs of one of the world’s best selling magazines; which is exactly what this book has to offer.
4. The Little Dictionary Of Fashion
By Christian Dior
This one isn’t so much a ‘sit down and read’ kind of book, but more so of a ‘flip through for inspiration’ kind of book. Don’t worry, it’s still just as wonderful as the others. The Little Dictionary of Fashion is basically a little guide on how to be timeless, advice given to you straight from Christian Dior. There’s little instructions all throughout on all sorts of different things that anybody who’s interested in fashion should know.
5. #Girlboss
By Sophia Amoruso
Now admittedly, I’ve not quite finished this book, but I cannot put it down. Funnily enough, it was gifted to me by our very own editor at Forte (she knows me well). Essentially, this follows the story of the CEO of one of the fastest growing companies, Sophia Amoruso reveals the story of how girl-power got her to being the founder and CEO of a $100+ million business, and that’s a story I can definitely get behind.
Written by Jessica Alves