Ray Chen performs Tchaikovsky

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Ray Chen performs Tchaikovsky

  • Inspired by the sensual folk music and dances of his native Transylvania, Ligeti went out with early recording equipment to ‘collect’ folk tunes from people living in the regions of Romania. His 1951 Concerto Românesc is a manifestation of Ligeti’s deep love of Romanian culture and music, with a distinctly modern edginess for which his music is known.
  • Adored the world over for his prodigious musical ability and cheeky charisma, celebrated violinist Ray Chen performs one of the most beautiful, expressive, and virtuosic pieces in the violin repertoire – Tchaikovsky’s Concerto for violin and orchestra.
  • A masterclass in unbridled melodic passion, Rachmaninov’s Second Symphony is a stunning display of orchestral emotion – ranging from aching tenderness to turbulent intensity – using the full palette of orchestral colours.