Raveolution Q&A with Shannon Moroney

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Raveolution Q&A with Shannon Moroney

If you’re going to celebrate Halloween in Australia, you may as well celebrate it the right way. Raveolution is coming up at the end of the month, so we asked the team behind it to take off their masks and give us a treat.
Hi Shannon, thanks for taking the time to chat with Forte. How are you and what are you up to at the moment?
I’m well, thanks for having me. At the moment, basically working on our Euphorie Bezirk projects, as well as a lot of stuff we are doing with Funf Touring and Green Fetish Records from Melbourne.
For those who aren’t familiar with Raveolution, could you please give us a little rundown of the event?
Raveolution is our annual Halloween party, normally varying themes but with one common denominator – good quality techno and big rave vibes. This year is a masquerade/formal attire laser-addled affair.
When did the idea first come about for Raveolution?
Raveolution was thought up a few years back by myself and my partner Eli while we were in Sydney deejaying in the ’Cross. At the time I’d just gotten involved with the guys at Fake Chow and had the opportunity to jazz things up – and this is what we came up with.
As it’s a masquerade party and having a concealed identity usually frees people up a bit more, have you seen any crazy antics at past events? 
It does, the anonymity definitely brings out the feeling of freeness and the ability for one to let go of inhibitions and collectively bring the floor to life.
What’s the most interesting mask you’ve seen?
There have been quite a few … there have been a lot of guys in drag which is always interesting.
What’s the vibe generally like on the night?
Very pure, which is what we push at all of our parties – a connection, in a sense, between the lighting, the music, vibration and the patrons … A far cry from your regular dance party.
This is your third time doing the event. What is it that you think has people coming back for more?
I guess the key is stepping up. The production, the artists and the overall general feel of the events is the key to a good quality rave. You want to be leaving with your jaw dropped, which is exactly our plan.
You’ve also changed venues from Basement 159 to the Wool Exchange Entertainment Complex. What inspired the move? 
Basically we just need a bigger space. Basement has always been good to us and has been great for everything we have done in the past, yet with a limited capacity we have looked elsewhere to cater for the size of party we want to do. Luckily for us we now have the Wool Exchange, which has a gorgeous heritage yet modern feel to it – a great opportunity for us to transform the place into an area-style party.
With the change of venue you’ve also upped the ante a little bit. How will this year be different from previous years? 
As I said before, the décor and production of the event will be the biggest change, as well as the full Nexo system we are lucky enough to be using this year (the same rig as the Earthcore main floor in 2013).
You’re a known presence around Geelong. Tell us about some of the stuff you’ve done in the past.
In Geelong, we have Disco 2000 that we run yearly where we have hosted Germany’s Len Faki, Mike Callander and Katie Drover. Last year’s Raveolution had Droplex flown down from Hungary also. In Melbourne we work hand in hand with the guys at Green Fetish Records on warehouse and club events, recently with Clouds from the UK, as well as working closely with Funf Touring on some big-scale projects with some of the biggest acts from around the world.
We hear there’s going to be a few after parties. What crazy antics can be expected at them?
They’ll be quite hush-hush for the moment. As we get closer to the date information will be available.
How did you go about selecting the musicians for the event? What did they have to encompass to make the cut? 
The music program has been carefully curated with some of Australia’s most talented techno acts, and Berlin’s Ray Kajioka making the trip down to round out.
Priority for us is for the night to flow perfectly – to build, plateau and build again.
What’s your advice for first-time punters? 
Enter the space with an open mind and a warm heart and we will take care of the rest.
Thanks again for the chat. Before we finish up is there anything you’d like to add?
For those coming, enjoy. And keep your eyes peeled for more massive events over summer.
When&Where: Wool Exchange Entertainment Complex, Geelong – October 31