Rapper Steffii stands strong on latest single ‘One of a Kind’

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Rapper Steffii stands strong on latest single ‘One of a Kind’


An anthemic reminder to always be yourself

Geelong rapper Steffii has just released her latest single ‘One of a Kind.’

Inspired by artists such as Nicki Minaj, Iggy Azalea, and Cardi B, Steffii handles pop-rap with ease as a fierce and uplifting performer.

Steffii’s latest single continues the momentum of her 2020 album ‘Misfits.’ A high-energy release full of swagger, Steffii confidently handles beats spanning from Lady Gaga inspired electronica to radio-ready production akin to DJ Mustard.

On ‘One of a Kind,’ Steffii raps over larger-than-life production with booming 808’s. Steffii’s passionate delivery, commanding her listeners to “stand up, stand proud,” makes for a compelling track with a powerful message.

With playful lines like, “haters wanna see me fall under the weather, just gonna do my thing cos it’s better” Steffii’s infectious energy is bound to get you dancing.

“It’s about being true to who you are as a person, and not letting others mould or shape you. You can be successful and still a kind and respectful person.”

Steffii first gained attention playing music venues across Australia, and most notably was a Grand Finalist in Australia’s Fast-Track Talent Showcase in 2018.

This has been a strong start to 2021 for Steffii, with an album and music videos expected to drop throughout the year.

Listen to ‘One of a Kind’ below

‘One of a Kind is out now. For more from Steffii, visit here and follow her on Instagram