RACKETT shares her top five unrequited crushes

RACKETT shares her top five unrequited crushes

RACKETT’s Rebecca Callander is totally smitten.

DIY Australian indie-pop artist RACKETT has returned with up-tempo sugary pop track ‘Crush’.

Lifted from her debut mini-album (due for release in November this year), the quirky, neon track boasts a PC-pop slant that evokes comparisons to Sophie and Charli XCX and we are loving it.

“‘Crush’ is one of the few songs I’ve worked on that is so sweet, in contrast to a lot of my other work that is sour. When I say sour, I mean jilted, a coping mechanism for rejection. The lyrics in ‘Crush’ are hopeful and optimistic and that tone has carried throughout all aspects of this release,” she reveals.

“Collaborating with a diverse team of creatives from the song through to making the music video, I’ve developed ‘crushes’ on everyone.”

These are requited crushes. To celebrate the track, here are some unrequited crushes she has.

Charli XCX
I’ve been obsessed with Charli (baby) for a long time. One day I hope to be featured on her MF Future Playlist and work with her, I know that’s a far-out dream, but hey I also wanted to be Ginger Spice and marry any of the Hanson brothers as a child and that didn’t work out, but it still gave me a lot of joy and drive.

Tina Turner
Whilst producing Loud n Queer TV, I had to create a weekly ‘Karaoke’ segment for the show. I went deep into diva territory and found myself listening to only Tina Turner for weeks. Her songs are weatherproof, she’s both soft and hard-edged at the same time, totally crushable.

Toddrick Hall
Nails, Hair, Hips, Heels is a dead set banger. My hairdresser introduced me to Toddrick Hall early 2020 so, yes, I’ve joined the fan club late but Toddrick’s work has had a great impact on mine. I’m flushed by his unapologetic pop, he inspires me to connect with the most pop part of myself as an artist and bring it to the forefront of my work.

Lady Gaga
What Gaga has created throughout her career pretty much sums my aspirational trajectory. Like gaga, (and there is only one Gaga), I tend to saturate all aspects of the creative process, from photos through to fashion design, taking inspiration from Gaga’s chameleon approach.

Chloe x Halle
Absolutely crushed it with this liv performance on the TODAY show. I would lov to know who conceptualised this because it’s one of the most artistic morning television performances I’ve ever seen. So hot it hurts!

“Crush” is available on all platforms.