Rach Brennan & The Pines celebrate their return to your speakers with single ‘Weapon of Love’

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Rach Brennan & The Pines celebrate their return to your speakers with single ‘Weapon of Love’

Timing is everything; and it’s true when they say good things take time, but what comes after a long wait, is usually always worth it.
One such wait surrounds pop-folk and country songstress Rach Brennan and her band The Pines, who have spent the last few years working hard on a new album. It’s clearly given them plenty of time to cultivate a genuine indie, folk sound with some cracking original songs; and it’s the new track, ‘Weapon of Love’, that truly justifies the wait.
“We just wanted to bring it back,” Rach explains of the new release. “Because we haven’t released anything in a long time, this is one single we’ve had for a so long and it’s one that people apparently really like,” she laughs.
“We just wanted to release something! It’s not necessarily the ‘big single’ off the album but we just wanted to release something that says ‘we’re back and we’ve got some stuff and we’re going to start rolling it out for you’.”
Despite her talent, and the sheer volume of praise and support she’s received in her young life, Rach Brennan is softly spoken and completely devoid of ego, and you feel this through her music. Her soothing vocal lines drip with emotion – you just need to listen to the first 30 seconds of the new single and you’re immediately drawn in. The vocal harmonies accompanied by the band, including brother Liam Brennan and partner Levi Anderson, only further emphasise the mesmeric capacity of this young band. ‘Weapon of Love’ is a delicate and minimalistic track that demonstrates the bands ability to twist the genre of their music to make it their own, and we are absolutely loving it.
The release of this single is just the beginning for the Geelong five piece, with an upcoming album to be released early next year which Rach describes as an accumulation of everything that’s happened in the last couple of years. “It’s like a toast to becoming an adult. It’s written to close a chapter and move on into adult life; a nod to early adulthood.”
Recording the entire album live 18 months ago, Rach and the band have since been working on perfecting the nine tracks for the release, all while travelling, joining festival line-ups including Port Fairy and Queenscliff and supporting the likes of Teskey Brothers and Sahara Beck on recent tours.
“We’ve just been waiting with our album; we’ve been wanting to show it to people but just not being able to because it hasn’t been the right time. It’s been really hard,” she explains. “You put so much time and effort into something and it’s so exciting, and then it’s so much time in between people actually hearing it.
That time however has come, and while the album won’t be released until next year, the band will be performing the album in its entirety as the upcoming single launch this month at Analogue Academy.
“We’re going to play the album in its entirety; and we’ve got four new songs that we want to play so we’re excited,” she smiles. “It’s going to be a sit-down gig where we can chat about the album and update people on what we’ve been doing; we’re really excited.
“We just want to keep doing these cool shows for every single that comes out,” she continues, “we like that they are a bit different to the big ‘fill a room’ type shows; we want to keep them a bit different and keep people excited that we’re back; it’s been a long time.”
When & Where: Analogue Academy, Geelong – June 23 & 24.
Release: ‘Weapon of Love’ is out now on all good streaming platforms, or listen to it here

Written by Talia Rinaldo