Queenscliff Music Festival: Festival Director, Andrew Orvis

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Queenscliff Music Festival: Festival Director, Andrew Orvis

After proving he’s got the goods to run a music festival last year (2014 was Andrew Orvis’ first run as the festival director for QMF), Andrew is backing it up with an already impresive line up featuring Angus & Julia Stone, Harts and Paul Dempsey.
Hi Andrew, thanks for taking the time to chat to Forte, how are you and what are you up to at the moment?
I’m cold!!! What is with this weather? Wouldn’t it be nice to be stuck in Bali right now? Currently finalising plans for our 2nd line up announcement which will be out now, which may or may not include someone that we’ll call T. Perkins so we keep it a secret. No no wait, we’ll go with Tex P as that’s less obvious.
Things are coming along very nicely for QMF, how is everything going on the organiser side of things?
The festival planning is going really well. We’re smashing ticket sales this year. WAY ahead of similar time last year, so all smiles in the office. Response has been awesome, and there’s a buzz around town like I’ve never experienced.
It’s now your second year at the festival, are you pretty confident seeing you’ve passed the first year with flying colours?
Someone scared me about the whole 2nd year, second album thing. The sophomore release. Not many bands follow up their first with something equally as good, or better. I can’t even think of one?! Luckily I’m not in a band, and can’t play guitar for shit. So I’m confident this years festival will be a ripper!
How was that first year for you, was it what you thought it would be?
It was full on! I kinda knew what I was in for having been involved for many years. It was a big year for QMF. Whilst 2013 was an awesome festival musically, culturally, festivally etc, unfortunately financially it didn’t go so well so there was a bit of pressure to get that side of things right in 2014. The stars aligned, the weather was awesome, I managed to score some awesome acts, and people turned out in record numbers. It went well. Mind you I had nightmares all year about it all going bad!
Are you changing much up with this second year?
Not really. I’m like one of those oldies who hates change. I figure we pretty much nailed it last year, so it ain’t broke, and we don’t need to fix it. Only thing is we’re getting rid of VIPs. Everyone at QMF this year is very important, so we’re looking after the 99% rather than the 1%. What was the VIP Lounge will remain, but it will be open for all to enjoy.
The first line up has been pretty huge already, can we expect many more bigger names to come?
Yer I’ve got heaps of artists to come. That’s 12 of what will end up around 70 acts. Next announcement is another diverse bunch. Everything from hip hop to alt country. Stay tuned.
With so many festivals slipping away, what keeps QMF going strong?
Queenscliff. It’s all about the place. Sure people come for the music and festival, but they love the town. They love the cafes, pubs, beaches, steam train, old buildings, museums etc. It’s obvious we’d be nothing without Queenscliff.
Can you offer up any tips to the first-timers on how to get the most out of their experience at QMF?
Download the App so you can plan you’re weekend. Don’t peak too early as Sunday is always an awesome day. Go and experience the town while you’re at the fest. Have a beer at the Vue Grand. Catch a ride on the QMF Express. Go to the beach. Buy an ice cream. We have the best fish and chip shops going around. See some bands you’ve never heard of. Take less selfies. Dance a lot. Pash someone. Smile.
What’s the best thing to do in Queenscliff itself?
Get a burger from the Ripview Kiosk. Seriously the best you’ll ever have.
Thanks again for the chat, any last words of wisdom you’d like to share with our readers?
“Knowledge speaks, but wisdom listens” – Jimi Hendrix
When & Where: Queenscliff Music Festival – November 27-29