Q&A with Venus Lux

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Q&A with Venus Lux

Transsexual pornography has quickly become a desired market in the porn industry. As society slowly progresses to acceptance of sexual fluidity, the demand of representation within the porn industry grows. Forte sits down with trans adult star Venus Lux, who when she isn’t fighting for human rights, going on fun dates or travelling is a driving force in the transsexual porn market.

When you first entered the business, was there an established market for transsexual stars?
When I first started, the market for transsexual porn had already existed but still had a lot of stigmatisation against transsexual stars. Such assumptions are ‘transsexual stars are deemed higher risk performers,’ ‘transsexual performers are considered ‘gay’. Now the market has expanded with growing demands of transsexual cisgender girl/girl porn or transsexual women femdom on men, alongside more opportunities for alternative content.

Do you feel like you’ve driven or pioneered the market?
In some cases I do feel like a pioneer or that I’ve contributed to the expansion of the market. Not many Asian transsexual performers, let alone Asian transsexuals were in dominant roles. When I first started tspussyhunter.com there wasn’t many sites that showcased women and transsexuals together and now it’s a huge trend!
As an outspoken Asian transsexual queer performer, I felt I contributed to the transsexual market with my voice, performance and spoken word of my experiences – educating my audience, peers and the general public.

Clearly there was an obvious need for transsexual porn stars, shown with your success, have you had any fans or people approach you and let you know how much it’s meant for them to see representation?
Actually yes! It gives me great pleasure when I get weekly fan mail or comments from my fans on my affect I’ve had on their lives. Most times I get ‘you’re my first transsexual I discovered! Ty for opening my mind to transsexuals,’ or ‘my wife/gf and I are huge fans of how fluid your performances are with both men and women.’

Looking at your social media, you post quite a lot of support and information regarding LGBT rights. How important is it for you to discuss these human rights issues? Has porn given you access to a bigger platform to discuss this?
Yes, I do a lot of LGBT advocacy. It’s a personal respect for my family and community. I was homeless and needed help when I was a mere, naive gay teenager in San Francisco. Now I have blossomed to be a self sustaining and independent trans Pornstar. I love to educate from the wisdom and experiences I’ve gathered in hopes someone out there can make use of it.

What do you think the future is like for porn and trans porn?

I feel the future for porn will be more autonomy for independent producers and entrepreneurial performers. As for trans porn, it has yet to ‘blow up’ so I’m just doing my best to help it grow and expand.

What are some of the keynotes you’ll be discussing at Sexpo?
Items I would like to explore for Sexpo Melbourne this year would be introductory topics pertaining to trans porn culture. Items like: Who are the stars and producers in Australia? What is happening, happened, or needs to happen to improve and expand the market? Also I’ll be creating an open space to openly talk with other sex workers and answer questions anyone may have from my experiences.

When and Where: Venus Lux ‘Gender Identity VS. Sexuality’ Sexpo Melbourne, Saturday November 26th , 9pm