Putting the Real in Reality

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Putting the Real in Reality

In the last few weeks, I’ve been hit in the feels with concern. Consciously or mindlessly on Instagram, we’re consuming the lives of our friends, our fave celebs and our future selves in the form of influencers. We scroll through the socials for #inspo. We want to read #real posts. We want to find our #tribe. We want to become better versions of ourselves.

TBH, I feel let down.

It seems the tide is shifting again to ‘perfect’ imperfections. Are we manipulating the real reality and altering our value to fool the outside world?

FIRST REALITY. There are people who will attend an event just to get the money shot for their ‘Gram or the free welcome gift when they arrive. They haven’t backed the business from the beginning. My guess is, they don’t even know the owner’s name.

FACT. People look after people. PR companies look after clients. I would NEVER want you, the IG user, to question someone’s beliefs, passions or selfless endorsements; I would just love the reader to know the steps taken to create that post. Was it #sp (sponsored), or a #collab (collaboration), an #ad, #comp (competition – which is still a collaboration) or a #partner agreement? (Oh, you didn’t know about that last one? Ps. can we also make #gifted mandatory?) They might not have a financial or collaboration agreement in place, but both the client and influencer DEFINITELY #gains.

SECOND REALITY. LATERGRAM was coined for a reason. That glass of wine with friends WAS BOUGHT LAST MONTH. That weekend down the coast WAS A CHRISTMAS GIFT LAST YEAR. It’s flattering to be wanted, but not everyone wants a piece of them every day of the week. They do not live the lifestyle of the rich and famous. If every family business gave away products for an Insta tag and shout out, they would be broke! JUST OWN IT.

THIRD REALITY. I’m gonna talk directly on this one. When you have a poignant message, DON’T POST A GLAMOUR SHOT. Your photo in the latest threads #sp by a clothing brand while addressing your mental health does not help people with their own mental health battles. “You can be uncomfortable as long as you look good”. F&*K OFF!

When you address your thoughts on something you’ve read or seen or watched, and want to start an open and honest discussion, don’t post a styled selfie that actually took 24 attempts and a selfie light attached to your phone. It detracts from the importance of your message, and it sends mixed messages and devalues people having a strong opinion. “Opinions only matter if you can comment on how glowing my skin is”. Again, F&*K OFF!

This is not a vocal tirade against those who feel they are speaking their truth online. I just feel we need further clarity, reality, and honesty in this social media world. Basically, we should be able to call out B.S.

Ps. Yes, I work in the media and the social commentary space, but it doesn’t mean I subscribe to the current channel. What I can do is help change it.

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