Purple Disco Machine: Soulmatic

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Purple Disco Machine: Soulmatic

Purple Disco Machine’s debut original album ‘Soulmatic’ is an at times uneven, but always quite accomplished soulful dance/electronic album that manages to feel like something out of the 80s/00s while being contemporary.

It is a highly collaborative venture, featuring ten other accomplished artists to create an infectious soundscape. The track ‘Music in You (Feat. Lorenz Rhode)’ strongly opens the album, combining dramatic piano chords and synth beats to create digital funk that recalls Daft Punk’s ‘Discovery’ album. The follow up track, the upbeat Body Funk, creates a gym-workout sound, chanting “music makes you lose control.”

The titular ‘Soulmatic’ is perhaps too repetitive and less rewarding than other songs on the album, but it is immediately followed by the soulful ‘Mistress’ (Feat. Hannah Williams): Williams’ voice trills and thrills creating a powerful anthem for waking up and living. Other highlights include ‘Devil in Me’ (Feat. Joe Killington & Duane Harden) a tension-filled dance number, and urgent ‘Falling Down’ (Feat. Ella) and ‘Love for days’ (Feat. Karen Harding).

There are some quite kinetic, dynamic arrangements with variations in influence (some RnB-esque, others arcade-like techno), some of the lyrics are complete word salads, and some tracks don’t really go anywhere, but the sensuality and diverse textures of these songs keep the album always intriguing and dance-worthy.

‘Soulmatic’ is available on Friday 20th October via Sweat It Out.
Reviewed by Brianna Courtney Bullen
3.5 Stars