Punk! #639

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Punk! #639

Lagwagon have teamed up with Vannen Watches to produce a limited edition Lagwagon watch! Ace keen!

The line-up has finally surfaced for this year’s Ruhrpott Rodeo festival in Germany this year, and it’s so God danged good you’re going to be pissed off that we keep getting shafted on the festival front! So, who’s on the bill? NOFX, Wizo (yes, the f**king awesome Wizo!), Descendents, Turbonegro, Suicidal Tendencies, Lagwagon, Flag, The Casualties, Creepshow, Sick of it All, UK Subs, the Dwarves, Leftover Crack, Henry Rollins, Jello Biafra, and far too many more to list here.

Agent 37 (killer Ballarat Ramonescore band!) co-frontman David Grimson has a tonne of new solo acoustic stuff available on Bandcamp and YouTube! Check it out if you’re into that sorta stuff!
I recently got a sneak peek at the first taste of the forthcoming Spidey Spidey album. The song I heard, ‘1977’, is a frickin’ BLINDER that rocks on its own merits while bringing to mind the classic sounds of Joan Jett and late ’70s punk rock – this is the real deal.

Original (and current!) bassist Duff McKagan has all but confirmed that Guns N’ Roses (the infamous rock band needing no introduction) will indeed be here in early 2017. By then Axl will be back on his feet and the band should once again be running like a well oiled machine. Finally something is going our way! In related news, vocalist Axl Rose has been KILLING IT as the new voice of AC/DC on tour in Europe.

Ooooooooh, Suicide Squad hasn’t even hit the big screen yet and ALREADY a spin-off has been announced. This new movie will feature Harley Quinn and a host of female heroes. Hell yeah!

It’s been revealed that pop superstar Taylor Swift is a huge fan of Brit rockers The Darkness – never would have guessed! And no, that WASN’T sarcastic!
Still no word on a Rancid tour, MONTHS after Aussie fans let the band have it on Facebook. We just need to face the facts, folks, they’re not coming.
Sydney punk rockers The Colytons have a new 7″, Apples And You. At this point, it’s only available at shows, so they really do need to bring their sexy arses back down to Melbourne.

Blink 182? Touring Australia? With Travis Barker? Get out! If rumours are to be believed, he’s willing to come out here by water! That said, I’ll believe it when I see it… This would also be their first oz tour with new guitarist Matt Skiba, who replaced Tom Delonge last year under acrimonious circumstances.
Until next time, kids, don’t be dicks to each other! Should go without saying!

Written by Christopher Cruz