Punk! #634

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Punk! #634

Japanese punk rock festival Punkspring is almost upon us, and what an interesting line up it has. On the one hand, we have heavy hitters like Face To Face, Sum 41 and The Misfits, and on the other hand, we have acts like Simple Plan and Australia’s very own Tonight Alive. Hmmmm… Yuck. I wonder if they’re still playing RATM’s ‘Killing In The Name Of’ in their set!

Another week, another chapter in the complicated Guns ‘N’ Roses reunion story! Latest reports indicate that founder, rhythm guitarist and primary songwriter Izzy Stradlin will NOT be taking part in any of the upcoming reunion shows in the US and South America. He also denies that he has spent any time in the studio working on new material with his former bandmates. Still no official word on the participation of original drummer Steven Adler either – which is heartbreaking. Steven has been the most vocal (and hopeful) about a reunion in the past. At this stage, shows will be taking place in Las Vegas, the Coachella music festival (two headline shows) and Mexico City.

There’s a benefit show taking place at the Barwon Club on  March 18  to raise money for the ill Spencer P. Jones, featuring the likes of the Cosmic Psychos, Kim Salmon, Sun God Replica and the Dukes of Deliciousness. If you can at all make it, please do so.

The undisputed godfather of hardcore and punk, Henry Rollins, is heading back to Melbourne for two spoken word shows at the State Theatre on the19th and 20th of September. I’m sure by now you already know if you’re going or not!

For you youngsters, Henry has fronted State of Alert, Black Flag and the Rollins Band. I mention this because I’ve met people who have heard of him, but are unfamiliar with his music. No word of a lie. I weep for our future.

Melbourne punk combo the Udder Abductees recently turned one. Congratulations guys!

Breaking Guns news: Slash has reportedly recorded a guitar solo for an existing, yet unreleased, Chinese Democracy-era track called ‘Atlas Shrugged’. It’s speculated that it will be released on a new best-of compilation. Bassist Duff McKagan has also been adding his touch to some tracks…

Kat O from Melbourne band Kill TV has released a solo single called ‘Vegemite and Tea’, and it’s certainly an interesting listen. As somebody who’s allergic to acoustic guitars, I’m not sure how I’d describe it, but it’s in keeping with the trend for people in alternative bands to also play acoustic solo stuff!
Dave Grimson from Ballarat band Agent 37 has just dropped a solo EP! The band is also at work on new things and stuff, so keep an eye (ear?) out!

Steel Panther are touring, if you’re into that kind of thing. They’re pretty big here and in the UK, but I just can’t. There are waaay better glam/hair metal bands out there worthy of the sort of attention they’re getting.

Thrash/party/skate heroes Municipal Waste are gearing up for a UK tour, hopefully they’ll schedule us in soon! It’s been too long between drinks for Aussie fans!

And on that note, I’m gonna go stick my head in the freezer. It’s time for summer to rack off for another year!

Written by Christopher Cruz