Punk! #627

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Punk! #627

You’ve gotta wonder what on earth is going through the mind of a professional songwriter when they rip off a relatively unknown song and sell it to a mainstream recording artist. I mean, do they think nobody else in the world has ever heard the song they’ve just ripped off? Hot on the heels of One Direction being accused of ripping off pop punk superstars, New Found Glory with their hit, ‘Steal My Girl’, comes internet outrage that the most recent Reece Mastin single, ‘Shut Up And Kiss Me’, bares a striking resemblance to ‘Give Up The Grudge’ by Canadian pop punk outfit Gob – which was actually a minor hit here all the way back here in 2012. And yes, the similarities are gob-smacking. Mastin, who rose to national prominence after winning X Factor Australia back in 2011, has struggled to maintain any sort of relevance. Indeed, ripping somebody else’s song off is not the way to go about building any sort of good will for your career. I’m just surprised it’s taken people this long to notice!
But seriously, what can you expect from a reality talent show winner? Especially a show that now features a f*cking clueless Guy Sebastian as one of the judges. Jesus Christ. Just change the channel already. I mean, remember Lee Harding? The OTHER “edgy” guy, famous for his stint on Australian Idol? The one who wore a Misfits shirt on the show, and when asked what his favourite Misfits song was, admitted he didn’t know any? Yeah. The less talented (and far more embarrassing) Adam Lambert? That’s why.
Seriously, the wait for the second official Soundwave line-up announcement is just getting ridiculous. It’s less than two months away, and ticket sales are slow. And by slow, I mean, is ANYBODY buying a ticket, besides stoner metal heads that just wanna go because it’s what you do? Please. But seriously, I’m worried. Without the Big Day Out, our options are already pretty limited…
I must admit, I’m undecided about buying a ticket myself. Which is weird, because I swore I’d never go to another Soundwave after the last one! Two whole days of watching dickheads get sunburnt to buggery and paying $50 for T-shirts.
Saw two amazing movies last week, both punk rock AF (look it up!): American Ultra, a killer movie about a young sleeper agent who gets activated, and The Last Witch Hunter, starring Vin Diesel as an immortal, well, witch hunter. Both highly recommended. Go see ’em! Heard great things about The Martian, too, especially in 3D. Just gotta get past the fact that it stars Matt Damon. No easy task!
And just like that, the year is almost over. Can you believe it? Since when is it December already? Jeez Louise. Here’s to an interesting festival season (I may or may NOT be speaking sarcastically) and to the start of a (hopefully) killer new year! Love ya’s!
Written by Christopher Cruz