Punk! #626

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Punk! #626

This issue I’m coming at you from Patong, Thailand, and for the average punk rocker, it’s an unusual place. If you’re looking to buy CDs or band merch at allegedly good prices, you’re in the wrong place. Turns out that there is nothing at all anywhere in the country that even comes close to your average JB HIFI. Boo-urns. I’m going to be going home with a lot of Baht in my pocket!
Of course, you’ll find the occasional counterfeit Slipknot, Limp Bizkit or Nickleback T-shirt at the occasional night market, but we have those at Beckley Park and the Victoria Market…
No live music scene here to speak of, either – although on the night I arrived in Patong, Red Foo (from Australia’s Got Talent, I think) performed his new single at a club on Bangla Road. I did not attend.
Very sad news to kick off the music news this time around. Teenage Bottlerocket drummer Brandon Carlisle has passed away. He was a fiend behind the kit and by all reports a super nice guy. No exact cause of death has been announced.
Checked out the new Good Charlotte single/video yet? In my opinion, ‘Makeshift Love’ is a true return to form, punchy, tongue in cheek pop punk that their peers (everyone from MxPx to Simple Plan) could never hope to match. At least not so effortlessly. Because, love ’em or hate ’em, Good Charlotte are undeniably good at what they do.
So, the Soundwave line-up continuesto grow in dribs and drabs, with the addition of Killswitch Engage (performing their “landmark” 2002 album Alive Or Just Breathing in its entirety), il Niño and Terror Universal (yes, again) being added to the bill. Watch ticket sales pick up by the fives and tens with this one! Yikes!
Of course, the full second announcement is imminent, and early bird ticket holders are hoping for a miracle. Disturbed are not a bad band, but they are not really Soundwave headliner material. I’m almost hoping the Kanye West rumours are true, shake things up a little bit. And it would make sense with Public Enemy on the bill. As far as heavy bands go, who is there even LEFT to headline that hasn’t already done so?
The Guns N’ Roses reunion rumours are getting stronger and stronger, and some interesting titbits are coming to light… Would we be getting original drummer Steven Adler, or his replacement Matt Sorum? Well, neither, it would seem. Will Izzy Stradlin be back on rhythm guitar? Not likely. The original core of the band, Axl, Slash and Duff would be hitting the road with other members of the CURRENT Guns N’ Roses line-up. And you know what? The fans would still be stoked with that.
Until next time, kids, be cool to each other. Even if it’s only because Santa’s watching you and (quite possibly) touching himself inappropriately. This tropical heat is messing with my head!
Written by Christopher Cruz