Punk! #621

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Punk! #621

This Blink 182 business is getting a little bit silly. Tom Delonge has reached out to the band via social media to say that he’d love to be back in the picture some day. Interesting. He was booted from the band for NOT wanting to work on anything, instead preferring to work on his own books and music. Blink are presently in the studio with Matt Skiba (Alkaline Trio) stepping into Tom’s Macbeths.
Bikini Kill are all set to reissue their Revolution Girl Style Now! demo on September 22 via their own label, Bikini Kill Records. It’s preceded by the single Ocean Song, stream it now!
Youth Decay (clever name) is a hardcore supergroup from Canada featuring members of Comeback Kid, Misery Signals and Daggermouth. They released their debut EP last year (where the hell was I?) and have their first full length on the way via New Damage Records.
Hmmmmm… The acts announced so far for Soundwave 2016 form a less than impressive list. Bullet For My Valentine, Northlane, Dead Letter Circus, Refused and Los Angeles rockers Failure (I know, right- who?!). Here’s hoping the first big announcement of 22 acts is a big step up, especially since it’s rumoured that there may be as few as 35 acts taking part in total so that set times can be extended.
One exciting Soundwave rumour that turned out to be exactly that was the possibility of an appearance by the classic line up of Guns N’ Roses on the bill: Axl Rose, Slash, Duff McKagan, Izzy Straddlin and Steven Adler. Axl has gone on the record many, many times over the years stating that the original line up would NEVER share a stage together again, so understandably this rumour had fans frothing at the bit. Oh well! Sucked in, hey? Damn.
A Wilhelm Scream will soon be playing a string of shows in Mexico with Perth lads The Decline opening. Wowsers! Exciting stuff for fans of local modern pop-rock-punk.
Leftover Crack have a new record on the way (it actually drops on Halloween Eve!)- it’s called Constructs of the State, and there is very little doubt that it will be frickin AWESOME. US fans will be able to hear some new material at their Cracktoberfest shows next month! Not jealous. At all.
The new solo album from Joey Cape (Lagwagon, Me First and the Gimme Gimmes), Stitch Puppy, is out now! If you’re a fan, you probably have it already!
Also out is Repentless, the brutal new offering from thrash metal titans Slayer, featuring the album’s lead single ‘Cast The First Stone’.
ACxDC (not to be confused with our own Acca Dacca!) have a few new releases on the way, including a split 7″ with an un-named band. You can already stream two of the tracks, Shoot First and Science 1st Krieg. Intense!
Next issue: full Nevermind The Warp’d Tour line-up, and it’s a corker! And yes, Flangipanis and Beerfridge ARE heading the bill! You read it here first.
More next time kiddies!
Written by Christopher Cruz