Punk! #619

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Punk! #619

Okay, let’s do this! The punk rock low-down begins in three, two, go!
So the recent MxPx shows in Santa Ana, California, last month were kicked off by none other than Slick Shoes – the single greatest Christian pop punk band of all time. The downside being that they never got to achieve headliner status themselves at this level, despite having a killer back catalogue that even MxPx could never match. Better songwriters and musicians by a country mile. Here’s hoping they stay together and bring their behinds out here to play some shows some day. Not likely, but a boy can dream.
I’m not a religious man myself, but Slick Shoes were too good not to get into. They weren’t (aren’t) preachy or cheesey. The positive themes running through their records were nothing short of uplifting and inspiring, and pop punk fans could do a LOT worse than checking them out. Go on, do it. Google ’em, or Facebook them. You’ll be so glad you did!
Also on that bill, playing between Slick Shoes and MxPx, was Five Iron Frenzy! In case the name didn’t give it away (hint: there are three words in it!) the band play spirited ska punk with a Christian slant. Are they any good? Yep, and I don’t even particularly like ska! And by particularly, I mean I don’t actually like ska. But as far as ska goes, these guys are every bit as good as Reel Big Fish and Less Than Jake, who also happen to be touring Australia soon!
My dislike of ska is no big secret – just like it’s no secret that I’m severely allergic to the sound of acoustic guitars! Folk punk?! Yeah, nah. Pass.
Can you believe that there are plans to remake IT, the classic horror movie by Stephen King? Jeez Louise, Hollywood is running out of ideas and fast. Instead of something cool, new and original, they keep rebooting stuff that does NOT need to be rebooted. There are so many little known horror writers that could bring something fresh and exciting to the table. Apparently, that wouldn’t be such a great idea since you can just recycle proven hits from the past. Oy vey. Enough already.
You know what we haven’t done in a while? Make fun of shitty emo/screamo band names! Always so much fun, mainly because they’re so shite! For this instalment, I’m just gonna name a bunch. As it is, you’ll die laughing. Or wet yourself. Either way, a good time is guaranteed! Ready? Okay, here we go! City of Caterpillar. Destroy The Runner. Here I Come Falling. Pianos Become The Teeth. Funeral Diner (not even dinner, but diner. I mean, really?!). Nitro Mega Prayer. An Evening At Elmwood.  Are they frickin’ KIDDING? Jeez Louise!
Anyone see the killer new Sleater Kinney filmclip, ‘A New Wave’? It is frickin’ BRILLIANT, and a must see if you’re a Bob’s Burgers fan. Soooo cute and funny – a match made in heaven! If that show was any more awesome, it would get taken off our screens!
And just like that, we’re done for another issue! Catch ya next time, kids!
Written by Christopher Cruz