Punk! [#606]

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Punk! [#606]

Anybody escaping our winter this year to check out the massive European music festivals (it’s their summer, doi!)? Could do a lot worse than heading to the Pro Vinssi Rock Festival in Finland, running from June 24-27 with an eclectic lineup that includes everybody from prog rock heroes Muse to Faith No More (who seem to be EVERYWHERE these days). Punk favourites Refused and Raised Fist, nu metal types Hollywood Undead and Australia’s own Parkway Drive. Be warned though – there’s also a whole bunch of crap acts on the bill: Sam Smith (who I prefer to refer to as a second-rate Boy George), The Cardigans and loads of average DJ types. I suppose this means that there really is something for everyone on offer, and if you happen to be travelling with mates with dubious (questionable?!) tastes in music, you’ll still be able to go together. Bless.
Guttermouth are heading back our way – despite the fact that their LAST Australian tour was billed as, well, their last Australian tour – on Sunday April 5 at Barwon Heads Hotel. That’s also Easter Sunday, I think, so head on down and burn off some of those Cadbury creme eggs and hot cross buns. Then make up for it by sinking a bunch of beers!
The guys (and girl) of Hopes Abandoned aren’t doing a very good job of staying broken up. They’ll be playing the Brunswick Hotel on the afternoon of Sunday March 8 for Mik from Strawberry Fist Cake, who is about to have surgery on his left ear and possibly losing his hearing on that side. Full list of other bands taking part next issue!
The Download Festival in the UK has added yet ANOTHER round of bands to the already humongous lineup: In Flames, L7, Andrew WK, Testament, Ace Frehely and Gnarwolves, amongst lesser others, will be joining the likes of KISS, Slipknot, Mötley Crüe, Muse, Billy Idol, Judas Priest, Eagles of Death Metal and many, many more. Crazy! Can’t help wondering if Ace Frehely and the current members of KISS will cross paths!
Have you all checked out Ballarat Ramonescore champs Agent 37 yet? They have shows coming up at the Karova Lounge alongside such luminaries as Clowns and The Bennies!
Speaking of Mötley Crüe, they’ll be out here soon, for the last time EVER, with special guest Alice Cooper. Unless they pull a KISS on us and just SAY they’re breaking up. I guess all we can do is wait and see!
Don’t forget, ’80s punk-rock-pop superstar Billy Idol will be rocking Melbourne’s Margaret Court Arena on Tuesday March 24 with super special guests Cheap Trick. It’s gonna be a killer show, don’t miss it!
So another Grammy Awards ceremony has come and gone without so much as a single performance by a heavy music act – other than AC/DC, who sadly had all the energy of a dehydrated garden snail.
Enjoy Soundwave, if you’re going. Full report next issue!
By Christopher Cruz