Punk! [#599]

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Punk! [#599]

Lagwagon’s newie, Hang, is finally out, and boy howdy, it’s a corker – easily the best thing they’ve recorded in years. Have you got your copy yet? And most importantly, will you be seeing these bad bitches at Soundwave? You better be, because they’re one of the very few punk bands on the bill, alongside the incredible live powerhouse that is New Found Glory!
Remember Ratcat? The grunge/pop/buzzsaw punk band that broke out of the Sydney underground with a string of GINORMOUS hit singles and became Oz music superstars? Well, on Tuesday November 25 the trio play a one off show at the Corner Hotel. And just like that, I’m in Year 8 again. For you youngins that weren’t around yet, get educated, because they were INCREDIBLE – kind of like The Ramones with splashes of Nirvana and alterna-pop. Their album, This Nightmare, is an indie classic, and the Tingles EP is pure gold. Even Blind Love is brilliant, and it’s my least favourite of their records! It’s good to have them back!
You know, looking back at Blink 182 circa Dude Ranch – easily one of the ten best pop-punk records of all time – it actually saddens me to see what they’ve become. Silly emo, goth and indie phases, serious delusions of grandeur, ridiculous side projects (Angels and Airwaves anyone?) and now new studio albums that even their FANS won’t buy and listen to. I’ve read interviews with them recently and been struck by the attitude and arrogance they show. They act so pretentious you’d think they were U2 or something, and not a band that was fun, easy going and exciting. Bye, Phelicia. And yes, that’s a thing. The old Blink would get that.
By the time you read this, NOFX will have totally demolished the Barwon Heads Hotel – expect a full report next issue, kids!
Mariachi El Bronx will be out here in support of their brand new album, 3. They’ll destroy 170 Russell on Friday April 10. Supports to be announced.
Rancid have finally unleashed the beast that is Honor Is All We Know, however still no word of Australia being included in the tour plans to support it. Yes, I’m taking it personally, and you all should too. How many times are these guys going to snub us?
I was recently asked by a reader why I don’t feature metalcore acts in my news and reviews, and my answer was basically this: metalcore is NOT punk rock. Like hipsters and acoustic guitars, they just don’t belong in this column. Ugh. Even if they DID belong here, my integrity would not let me do it.
Word has it that a book about the life of the late Tony Sly (No Use For A Name) is in the works and will see the light of day in 2015. Could be interesting!
More news and reviews next time, y’all, so stay tuned!
By Christopher Cruz