Punk! [#597]

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Punk! [#597]

Ipswich punk/metal heroes Antichrists Anonymous totally blitzed Melbourne this past weekend. If you haven’t had the pleasure yet, please check out their Facebook page. Top bunch of blokes to boot!
This issue, no hanging crap on the hipsters, boy bands and acoustic guitar-playing busker types infiltrating the punk scene – I promise … mostly because this column is no place for them to begin with. Somebody ask Henry Rollins what he thinks of acoustic guitars. He’ll probably tell you they’re only good for smacking hippies with.
By the time you read this, Up the Punx! will be over for another year, so expect a full report next issue. These little DIY festivals are helping keep punk rock alive, so I hope you all have been making the effort to check them out.
… And while you’re checking out these awesome bands and festivals, buy some merch. Seriously! You want a cool shit to wear, right? It’s either that or wear those hideous Kmart or Cotton On t-shirts…
Rancid finally have a new record on the way, and it’ll be interesting to see if Australia gets a look in when they tour the world to support it. Their absence from our shores is getting pretty ridiculous. Honour is All We Know drops October 27, just in time for Halloween.
XTRMST, the straight-edge hardcore band featuring Davey Havok and Jade Puget from AFI (I’m guessing the all-caps thing is a thing with them) have announced that they’ll release their self-titled debut album through Dim Mak Records, the label set up by superstar DJ, Steve Aoki. Very, very interesting…
Culture Club, a pop group beloved by MANY punks, Goths and New Romantics, have reformed for a world tour.
Am I the only one excited about the release of New Found Glory’s album Resurrection? It’s a true return to form that will kick you in the face with its sheer awesomeness. Best. Pop-punk. Band. Ever. Go get your copy NOW!
‘Lonely’ is the latest single to be released from Weezer’s brand new album Everything Will Be Alright in the End. It follows the lead single ‘The British Are Coming’. Do people even know that the record is out? From a marketing and promotions viewpoint, I’d be a little worried!
Somebody please explain to me the appeal of Black Veil Brides. The band is going GANGBUSTERS in Europe at the moment, and to me, they just seem like a challenged (make of that what you will), watered-down Avenged Sevenfold.
Escape the Fate is another band that started to pique my interest at one point … then completely lost it by trying to turn themselves into Guns N’ Roses. Oy vey.
Last weekend’s Eat the West festival at the Dancing Dog in Footscray raised $1100 for the Lentil as Anything restaurant. Good job to all the bands that played, and of course the organisers!
Don’t forget, Nevermind the Warp’d tour is coming up – full reminder next issue! ’Til then, keep it real. Be yourself. That’s what punk is all about.
By Christopher Cruz